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Choir camp is over. Miss it a lot. -___-”’. Feeling so empty without it, still needa return the auntie her pails. listening to this song now…

“Never Had A Dream Come True”
Everybody’s got something they had to leave behind
One regret from yesterday that just seems to grow with time
There’s no use looking back or wondering
How it could be now or might have been
Oh this I know but still I can’t find ways to let you go

I’ve never had a dream come true
Till the day that I found you
Even though I pretend that I’ve moved on
You’ll always be my baby
I never found the words to say
You’re the one I think about each day
And I know no matter where life takes me to
A part of me will always be with you

Somewhere in my memory
I’ve lost all sense of time
and tomorrow can never be cos yesterday is all that fills my mind
There’s no use looking back or wondering
How it should be now or might have been
Oh this I know but still I can’t find ways to let you go

I’ve never had a dream come true
Till the day that I found you
Even though I pretend that I’ve moved on
You’ll always be my baby
I never found the words to say
You’re the one I think about each day
And I know no matter where life takes me to
A part of me will always be

You’ll always be the dream that fills my head
Yes you will, say you will, you know you will
Oh baby, you’ll always be the one I know I’ll never forget
There’s no use looking back or wondering
Because love is a strange and funny thing
No matter how I try and try I just can’t say goodbye
No no no no

I’ve never had a dream come true
Till the day that I found you
Even though I pretend that I’ve moved on
You’ll always be my baby
I never found the words to say (words to say)
You’re the one I think about each day
And I know no matter where life takes me to
A part of me will always be
A part of me will always be with you

Yeah… I miss choir camp… REALLY got bonded to choir exco after the camp. I LOVE ALL OF YOU!!! YOU ALL RAWKED IT!!! I LOVE YOU!!!! YEAH ALL OF YOU!!! ALL OF YOU PLAYED AN IMPT PART IN THIS CAMP AND ALSO MY LIFE!!! (Melissa Chan Alynn Tan Shelley Ong Charlene Chew Jasmine Teo Jess Chiam Victoria Chng Santi Lin Nerizza Boon) Just everone that made this camp possible. Like what Melissa Chan said, I will really miss working together with you guys, after going through thick and thin together, after all we the times we have spent together. I will really miss all of you… All of you are important to me!!! I LOVE YOU!!!

Now let us work together again as we come face to face with SYF, I believe that whatever the outcome is, we will be able to get a Gold no matter what, maybe not gold in the achievment, but a gold in our hearts. It is not the final prize but the process in which we go thorugh. I know that all of us tried out best and committed a lot for choir ESPIECIALLY MELISSA CHAN, let us not concentrate on the gold but more on God. He is welcoming us at the finishing line.

Although we will always miss the past, heyo comm, let us look into the future as well. As we are about to leave, let us remember to leave behind a legacy to our future leaders, like the song “FIND US FAITHFUL”,

Oh may all who come behind us find us faithful
May the fire of our devotion light their way
May the footprints that we leave
Lead them to believe
And the lives we live inspire them to obey
Oh may all who come behind us find us faithful

Our journey does not just end when we hand over, it ends only when we carry the torch and hand it to our future leaders. Yeah comm, I LOVE YOU!!!

Oh my, the post is getting super emo -___-”’

Shall dedicate another post to EXCO 2007 as well, but not so soon 😀

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Yeah, happy birthday!!! Your birthday is on sch a special day sia!!! ha… -___-… Sport’s day!!! shows your fitness!! haha… -___-… Am realising that the past 1 minute was spent on some cold talking. No atmosphere. ookk, shall put this aside first, build atmosphere le zai shuo. ha! Yeah! Sorry vanessa, put you aside first!!
*Throws Vanessa to aside

Shall talk abot my day.

At home
– Woke up at 6.10 a.m.
– Was in a good mood cause I got to wake up 5 minutes later than usual.
– Changes into lee house shirt
– Puts on high belt pinafore
– Eats bao pi (bao skin) for breakfast
– Wears shoes
– Goes off to take bus

On the bus
– Met Cher*ene at the bus stop
– Said hi to Cher, realised that my nouth stinks, decides not to talk
– Found someone shorter than Cher on the bus
– Cher was very happy about it
– However, that person could have been a sec 1
– Reached the bus stop
– Alighted, Cher realised that she doesn’t know how to get there

Let it BEGIN
– Walked around aimlessly
– Was in search of another lost soul
– Found another lost soul Char seow
– Found alynn and lee house comm
– Was lugging Vanessa present with me
– Decided to look for Vanessa
– Found Vanessa
– Everyone takes time to actually seattle down.
– Egghead 2007 started the day with pledgetaking

Mass Run
– Chew house went first
– After which lee house
– Dunno why got dragged into running
– Ran for lee house
– Acted like a broom and had to sweep all those wlaking at the back
– Broom Neo decided to walk herself
*sudden realisation that my nicks have got to do with cleaning up, Vacumm cleaner, Broom -___-
– Everyone ran
– Horn goes off
– Everyone stops
*Although some already stopped
– Next 2 houses run

– Yeah, whole day of events
– nothing much to say
– was sleeping at the back
– Our event 4×100 finally came.

4×100 Most embarrasing incident in my life
– Got ready in our positions
– Heart was thumping like some erm… drum?
– Crapped with S* hui, told her that I am scared of falling
– She said “No lah, won’t one” -__-
– What happens next?
– The other team the runner arrive, dunno what happened, she fell on the runner in front the the runner fell and got stepped on then drop the baton dunno what la, very compliicated.
– My weak heart could not take this
– Was affected psychologically
– Alynn passed the baton to me
– I ran
– I lost balance
– I fell
– As the 4th runner
– In front of the whole school
After this incident, I comforted myself my telling myself that it is rare to run for your house in secondary school, out of those chances, you would have a 1 out of 4 chance to be the 4th runner. And out of those chances, HOW MANY TIMES DO YOU GET TO FALL DOWN???
Probability is 1 out of 1000000. So yeah, I am lucky for that to happen to me. Oh yah, I forgot to add in the factor about falling in front of the whole school, that would make the probability 1 out of 10000000000000.

Lee house lost, but their sprit won
– yeah, lee house lost the overall thingy but I belive sincerely that the comm did a GREAT JOB!!! I LOVE YOU LEE HOUSE COMM!!! ALL OF YOU DID SUPERBLY WELL!!! AS the always say, it is not the achievement but the process, so, They have already placed champions in my heart! YEAH WELL DONE LIN YI!!! YOU DID A GREAT JOB!!! WE LOVE YOU!!!

Around the Singapore in taxi hours
– Met up with Alynn and Shelley after sports day
– Went out of stadium to eat icecream first
– Ate icecream
– exco went to christabel’s house 😦
– Went to hearland to buy cloth
– Took 113
– Sec 5s on the bus laughed at me -___-
– Reached heartland
– Found cloth shop
– Bought cloth
– Took taxi to go to concourse
– reached concourse
– bought stuff at concourse
– Went to BK to have our lucnh
– Treated Alynn
– Alynn has cramps
– Took taxi to her house
– Saw her tsnami room for the first time
*My mom should really take a look at her room and compare it to my mesiness… -___-
– Alynn’s nice mom sent us to school after we picked up some stuff from her house
– Dumped stuff in school
– went down
– Alynn’s nice mom decided to send us home as it was raining
– yeah!

choir camp tmr :D:D

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Okok -____-… I shall update my blog.

OK. Due to the rising demand of me to update my blog. I shall update it. HOWEVER, please don’t get me to change the blog skin. Why?

1) I am lazy to change.
or rather
1) I am lazy to learn how to change.
or rather
1) I dunno how to change.

Nevermind! Ignore that. Felt the sudden urge to blog about this…

WE MEANING YOU!!! YES YOU!!! (as from today 3rd april)
1) 2 days left to GOOD FRIDAY
2) 6 days left to Chem quiz
9 days left to Vanessa the birthday. AHEM AHEM
4) 9 days left to Sports day
5) 10 days to choir _A_P!!!! WOHOOO!!!
6) 15 days left to O-levels’ physics SPA
7) 14 days left to emaths and amaths quia that will be on the SAME DAY -___-
21 days left to SYF!!!! ARHHH!!!!
9) 28 days to LABOUR DAY!!!
10) 31 days to Siang Ying the birthday 😀 😀
11) 57 days to START OF HOLS!!! (in which we will keep coming back)
11) 58 days to VESAK DAY!!!
12) 59 days to Joanne Chia the birthday
13) 62 days to Clara Ying the Birthday
14) 62 days to the Literature workshop
15) 63 days to EILEEN ONG a.k.a. chick a.k.a. tallie number dunno what
16) 63 days to Lit workshop AGAIN!!!
17) 93 days to Shelley Ong the birthday
18) 95 days to MElSSA CHAN a.k.a. Pig a.k.a. Hot pink handphone a.k.a.airpork a.k.a. dodo bird a.k.a. … (The list goes on)………… the birthday
19) 122 days to SARAH TEO thebirthday 😀 😀 😀 ( I owe her 4 years of birthday prezzie sia… -___- this year needa buy an ultra big and ex one:D:D)
20) 127 days to Serena Neo the birthday -___- (the red face)
21) 128 days to National day
22) 145 days to Christabel Ah Xin xin the birthday. yeah latecomers, don’t make her day difficlt… Oh I realise that it is a sunday!!! haha :D:D so sad, christabel won’t get to see me…
23) 166 days to Renee Tan, Rene Tan, Renww Tan, Renee Lai and Reine the birthday (They are all the same person. Yeah people, she is your egg head 2007
24) 170 days to my niang the birthday (niang = mother)
25) 172 days to Jess CHIAM (I spelt it correctly) a.k.a choir secretary the BIRTHDAY!!!
26) 183 days to CHARLENE CHEW the alto 1 sectional leader the birthday!!!!
27) 187 days to KRISTLE YEOW and SONIA the BIRTHDAYS!!!
28) 192 days to Hari Raya Puasa
29) 195 days to lao da jie the BIRTHDAY!!
30) YEAH people, you guessed it. 202 days to O-LEVELS!!!
31) 219 days to VICTORIA CHUNG sop 1 sectional leader the birthday… AND DEEPAVALI!!!
32) 226 days to lao die the birthday (lao die = my dad)
33) 230 days to Jasmine Teo our creative director the birthday
34) 236 days to Mr Ong my piano teacher the birthday 😀
35) 237 days to Jia Yan the birthday LONG LIVE SQUATTERS!!!
37) 245 days to Charmaine Seow the birthday LONG LIVE SQUATTERS!!!
38) 249 days to lizzie yap a.k.a. the mosquito crushing machine the birthday.
39) 250 days to Sherrie koh a.k.a. sweaty palms and your vice-egg-head for 2007!!!
40) 261 days to Hari Raya Haji
41) 265 days to CHRISTMAS EVE!!!
42) 266 days to Jesus the birthday!!! YIPEEE!!! CHRISTMAS!!!
43) 272 days to the last day of 2007
44) 273 days to the beginning to a new YEAR 2008!!!

Always look on the bright side of life!!!

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