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Guo Hao, You lost but you won

This was one of the most emotional result shows I have watched. Earlier on, Guo Hao scored the lowest for his singing. LEE PEI HUAY even made a remark that it was a miracle that he stayed on till this time. It might be a miracle as you said, but it might also be due to his nice personality. Why do you think so many people actually cried when he had to leave the competition. Did you not wonder? Do you not know that he is really trying his best for this competition and the longer he stays in the competition the longer the sufferings will persist on?

This is a competition, and I really admire everyone in this competition, they stay out till so late just to reherse and everythng, they hang on to every hope to stay on and purse their dreams, and here we have, people racking it. I am not just speaking of the judges here, I am speaking of everyone including myself. WHAT ARE WE TO SPAM THEM IN OUR BLOGS? WHAT ARE WE TO QUESTION THEIR STANDARD? WE DON’T EVEN HAVE THE COURAGE TO STAND UP ON THE STAGE TO PERFORM. THESE BRAVE KIDS STAND UP AND WHAT DO THEY GET??

After this incident, I am never going to talk badly about any of the contestants anymore. They are all great, and I respect them. Also, Guo Hao’s departure has been of such great impact to everyone. It was a tearfl farewell not just for the people around him but also the audience. For no reason, I was crying like nobody’s business when he left the competition. No one can beat that. It was probably due his friends spporting him all the way and that even though there were very little people in his spporting crowd, they still shouted and cheered. It was really touching. It was like they are fighting for his survival. Admired them lots.

Even though he lost and got out, he has won in many aspects, his friends are really great, his courage and persistance is admirable, and hs smile to the very last instant really rocks everythng man… You are the best.

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Lonely monday

ALYNN ARH!!! HIGHER CHINESE WITHOUT YOU ARH!!! So boring… -_-”’ Can you imagine if I wasn’t here? Yeah, that loneliness and forlorn… 😀 Sounds so mushy, like the mshy cake icecream thing….

Either ways, the day stll has to go on.
The list just gets longer everyday
1) Alynn Tan
2) Sarah Teo
3) Lizzie Yap
4) Renee Tan
5) Dionne Hoe
6) Joyce Lee
7) Clara Cho
8) Clara Ying
9) Eleanor
10) Somemore…

As I said, it was kinda boring a day. The only highlight is probably the part about where I ACCIDENTALLY spilt water on Mrs. Wong’s map… -_-

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Sunday -_-”’

Sundays are boring…
Inspirational quote from my dad,
Our body lives together with our heart, of you are always depressed, don’t be suprised if yo always fall sick, the secret to keeping healthy is not have and open heart.
Of course, it was in Chinese and i translated it over. But the point is there. haha.
True, if we are always sad about out lives, we will definitely live a sad life. SO! We must live a happy life. YIPEE!!! Don’t be depressed!!!

Joke of the day:
There was a man and woman who got into an accident at sea, they had to abandon ship. While floating on the water, a shark came by. However, the shark only ate the guy. Why?

Answer: Cause sharks are man-eaters
Inspiration from Sherrie, although it is kinda an old joke 😀

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Wahh… so WORDY!!!

Shall post something here to make my blog look less wordy

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Blogging for Saturday

Today did not start off very well. Thought that I had to reach school at 6.30. Woke p at 5.00, prepared all my stuff, went down to take bus 62, missed 62, ran to take the train, reaches Kovan, missed bus 113, ran all the way from heartland mall to school. Turns out, we had to meet only at 6.55 AND I was wearing the wrong shirt.

What a start, -_- Anyways, got to spend my day with Eileen and Vanessa although they don’t seem to be able to stop suaning me… Well, it’s alright 😀 I FORGIVE YOU!!!! -_-

Shall narrate the happening:
Sat with Vanessa on the bus trip to Padang, suan number 1: ” Wahh, Vanessa, I pity you for sitting together with Xioahui” -_-… Anyways, that person had her hearphones plugged in and was not listening to my beautiful voice. Nehmind, reached at around 8. As you know PADANG means a green patch of field, on the field, there is bound to be soil. And with the rain these few days, you see where I am going at? Yeah, the MUDANG field.

Yeah, here comes suan number 2: Xioahui! We are stepping on you!!! -_-”’ Ok, we had to do some kinda morning exercise to start off the walk. Erm… the moves were quite… creative… If you were there, you will be able to witness the enthusiastic bunch of young at hearts doing the warmups… and we sadly, are not those young at hearts… we are the old ones… -_-

We got flagged off finally, here comes suan number 3: Eh, don’t get lost, it will be hard to find you. -_-”’ Yeah, the height matters… Suan number 4 from Ms Gan: It’s alright that you are wearing the black shirt, you will be out marker. -_-”’ Walked and walked. Passed by the marina bay thingy, it was quite nicely built I have to say, the whole stage concept was very well though out. GOOD JOB ARCHTECTS AND CONTRACTORS AND SAMSUI WOMEN!!! AND BOB THE BUILDER!!! -_-”’

Was walking through this park thingy, turns out, they were having preparation for the NDP rehersal later that day and were using the park as a holdng place… Overheard the soldier dude saying “Wah lao… so many people!” -_-”’ sorry… Here I apologize to you on everyone’s behalf. Halfway through the journey, the PL girls started singing. yep, -_-”’ there were people looking at us, but you can gnore the details… Finally reached the destnation and went for lunch after that. Eileen Ong was with her red balloon and I was wth my purple balloon. Vanessa held on to the strong belief of being cool and did not take any balloons.

Thanks giving:
For the good weather 😀
For the great walk, really bonded with some people.
The time to tour around some parts of Singapore.
Eileen and Vanessa

People who are sick
1) Lizzie Yap
2) Renee Tan
3) Clara Cho
4) Melissa Chan
5) Bei Xuan

Laughter is the best medicine:
Weikee’s joke: The bird landed on a wire and laid an egg, why did the egg not drop down.
No one in the right mind would think of the answer: The bird was wearing panties…

Still, had a good laugh 😀

Always look on the bright side of life

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Opps, forgot something

Funny incident:
VIP of this event was Pastor Peter Koh (forgot his name..) Anyways, I was spposed to wait for him at the main gate. Sherrie was also waiting for him. For some reason, althogh I was standing at the main gate, the car seemed to have flown past me and went into the school. Even Sherrie missed him. He walked by hmself into the school, turns out, the usherers did not see him as well. So, he practically flew into the conference room all by himself. Yeah, error on our part, but this is still freaky…

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Posting for Friday

The week went pretty well, Really thank God for bringing me past this chaotic week. Tests and more tests… -_-… HOWEVER, everythng went really well and am not that affected by any tests…EspeciallyPhysic. Woohooo, Mr. Low must have gotten tired of settng papers that he decided to copy the whole thing from the practice he gave us. -_- THANKS A LOT MAN!!!

Oh yes! Miracle that happened:
It was the day of Chinese test, I totally did not stdy for the test. Was too tired the night before and had the thought that I was done for. Came to school feeling lousy about the test. HOWEVER, for some reason, all the 5 periods before Chinese (besides Eng) were free periods. I got the time I wanted to look through and study. Mrs Judy Wong was not around for Geog, Mrs Cindy Teo was not around for PE, Mrs Bhatia’s Eng lesson was kinda slack. What more could I ask for?

Another thanksgiving to be shared is for the hosptality girls who helped out during the graduation cum thanksgvng ceremony. I LOVE ALL OF YOU!!! Not all actually, only some who have really been of help to us. Was doubtfl at first on whether everything will be able to work out. But things turned out well. Allthough we were expecting more guests. Even so, everything happens for a reason, less guests would mean less work. Wahaha…

People who are sick and should take care
1) Lizzie Yap
2) Melissa Chan
3) Renee Tan
4) Clara Cho
5) Neo Xiaobin

Laughter is the best medicine
Joke of the day: There are 10 fishes in the tank, 1 died, did the water level rise or fall?
Common Answer: Fall, cause the water will loose mass blahblahblah…
Actual answer: Rise, cause all the other fishes will die…

Always look on the bright side of life,
Xioa Hui

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Everyone is depressed… -_- CHEER UP!!!

EVERYONE CHEER UP!!!For (Anonymous),
Wahh… Don’t be so emo leh… Today is your day, I know that it s quite tough at times to talk to them, but don’t be so affected. I know that you don’t like it when people start talking about your career path, talents and blahblahblah, but they are saying all these cause they care for you. 🙂 If you are really sad now, I am around. Although I am still young and don’t really know about some stuff, but at least you will have someone there to hear you out. Sigh… Don’t be so emo… it’s like any moment you might jump out of the building like that.

I know that you might not believe that something will happen, but something good is bound to happen in near future. You just have to strive hard and wait. At times, there might be things that you are really uncertain about and stuff like that, but just know that your road ahead and only be laid out by you. No matter what someone says or insults ot wahtever, you are the one who takes control over your own life.

Something to cheer all the depressed souls up 😀

Joke of the day: Who is taller? The grass or the egg?

Answer: The egg. Cause “Cao mei dan gao” Surface meaning: Strawberry Cake/ Deeper meaning: The grass is not as tall as the egg

Thankyou Maryanne for saying this joke to me 😀
Always look on the bright side of life
Xioa Hui

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Funny happening…

Getting a bit confused with wordpress…

Nehmind, it is perfectly fine with me. I just have to learn stuff one step at a time.

Yeah, as you can see from my blog title. Everyone is very depressed now. Not just my friends around me but really EVERYONE… Sigh…

If any of you realised, today’s air in the atmosphere was awfully still. Walking on the road, you won’t hear a sound of the wind and the constant movements can be sounded over a distance (eg. Cars driving).

Yeah, there was this chao ah lian that was talking on the phone and her voice could be heard by the entire estate. Voice loud + Quiet surroundings = Public nuisance…

The convo went something like this:
Ah Lian: Gan ma la ni (What?)
Person X: BlahBlahBlah
Ah Lian: Huh? I thought you live in HOUGANG? (FYI: I live in Sengkang, story was based in Sengkang)
Person X: BlahBlahBlah
Ah Lian: NO WAY LARH!!!! YOU (^%$%%&) *censored content*

What the -_-
Always look on the bright side of life
Xioa Hui

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Stress reliever

Something that has been brightening up my day all these while. A big thanks to lizze and kristle for the intro to this video.

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