Blogging for Saturday

Today did not start off very well. Thought that I had to reach school at 6.30. Woke p at 5.00, prepared all my stuff, went down to take bus 62, missed 62, ran to take the train, reaches Kovan, missed bus 113, ran all the way from heartland mall to school. Turns out, we had to meet only at 6.55 AND I was wearing the wrong shirt.

What a start, -_- Anyways, got to spend my day with Eileen and Vanessa although they don’t seem to be able to stop suaning me… Well, it’s alright πŸ˜€ I FORGIVE YOU!!!! -_-

Shall narrate the happening:
Sat with Vanessa on the bus trip to Padang, suan number 1: ” Wahh, Vanessa, I pity you for sitting together with Xioahui” -_-… Anyways, that person had her hearphones plugged in and was not listening to my beautiful voice. Nehmind, reached at around 8. As you know PADANG means a green patch of field, on the field, there is bound to be soil. And with the rain these few days, you see where I am going at? Yeah, the MUDANG field.

Yeah, here comes suan number 2: Xioahui! We are stepping on you!!! -_-”’ Ok, we had to do some kinda morning exercise to start off the walk. Erm… the moves were quite… creative… If you were there, you will be able to witness the enthusiastic bunch of young at hearts doing the warmups… and we sadly, are not those young at hearts… we are the old ones… -_-

We got flagged off finally, here comes suan number 3: Eh, don’t get lost, it will be hard to find you. -_-”’ Yeah, the height matters… Suan number 4 from Ms Gan: It’s alright that you are wearing the black shirt, you will be out marker. -_-”’ Walked and walked. Passed by the marina bay thingy, it was quite nicely built I have to say, the whole stage concept was very well though out. GOOD JOB ARCHTECTS AND CONTRACTORS AND SAMSUI WOMEN!!! AND BOB THE BUILDER!!! -_-”’

Was walking through this park thingy, turns out, they were having preparation for the NDP rehersal later that day and were using the park as a holdng place… Overheard the soldier dude saying “Wah lao… so many people!” -_-”’ sorry… Here I apologize to you on everyone’s behalf. Halfway through the journey, the PL girls started singing. yep, -_-”’ there were people looking at us, but you can gnore the details… Finally reached the destnation and went for lunch after that. Eileen Ong was with her red balloon and I was wth my purple balloon. Vanessa held on to the strong belief of being cool and did not take any balloons.

Thanks giving:
For the good weather πŸ˜€
For the great walk, really bonded with some people.
The time to tour around some parts of Singapore.
Eileen and Vanessa

People who are sick
1) Lizzie Yap
2) Renee Tan
3) Clara Cho
4) Melissa Chan
5) Bei Xuan

Laughter is the best medicine:
Weikee’s joke: The bird landed on a wire and laid an egg, why did the egg not drop down.
No one in the right mind would think of the answer: The bird was wearing panties…

Still, had a good laugh πŸ˜€

Always look on the bright side of life


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