Posting for Friday

The week went pretty well, Really thank God for bringing me past this chaotic week. Tests and more tests… -_-… HOWEVER, everythng went really well and am not that affected by any tests…EspeciallyPhysic. Woohooo, Mr. Low must have gotten tired of settng papers that he decided to copy the whole thing from the practice he gave us. -_- THANKS A LOT MAN!!!

Oh yes! Miracle that happened:
It was the day of Chinese test, I totally did not stdy for the test. Was too tired the night before and had the thought that I was done for. Came to school feeling lousy about the test. HOWEVER, for some reason, all the 5 periods before Chinese (besides Eng) were free periods. I got the time I wanted to look through and study. Mrs Judy Wong was not around for Geog, Mrs Cindy Teo was not around for PE, Mrs Bhatia’s Eng lesson was kinda slack. What more could I ask for?

Another thanksgiving to be shared is for the hosptality girls who helped out during the graduation cum thanksgvng ceremony. I LOVE ALL OF YOU!!! Not all actually, only some who have really been of help to us. Was doubtfl at first on whether everything will be able to work out. But things turned out well. Allthough we were expecting more guests. Even so, everything happens for a reason, less guests would mean less work. Wahaha…

People who are sick and should take care
1) Lizzie Yap
2) Melissa Chan
3) Renee Tan
4) Clara Cho
5) Neo Xiaobin

Laughter is the best medicine
Joke of the day: There are 10 fishes in the tank, 1 died, did the water level rise or fall?
Common Answer: Fall, cause the water will loose mass blahblahblah…
Actual answer: Rise, cause all the other fishes will die…

Always look on the bright side of life,
Xioa Hui


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    Alynn. said,

    All the other fish will die? CRY you mean?

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