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The photo abit unglam… WHO CARES 😀

It has really been a great pleasure working with you. As much as you ALWAYS suan me, I am happy that God gave me the chance to work with you. I am sure that you would not be reading this, thus, I can praise yo as much as I want here 😀

As much as you may display a strict image, you never fail to care for the friends around you. Everyone loves you 😀 I believe that analogics would never had survived without you and all your latecomers LOVE YOU!!!! 😀

I am not very good at words as usual… -_-”’ Just wanna say that you have been a really great workmate, friend and sisterly character. I thank God for giving me the chance to meet you and know you more. 😀 Really, thanks a lot. 😀 YOU ARE GREAT!!!

-_-”’ and you better not be reading this.

Always look on the bright side of life,

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Was not updated by any jokes recently. But heard this from Steffi,
Abit sick… BUT still very funny.

QN: Which animal has the biggest breasts?
Common answer: Camel (FYI: Those are humps)

Actual answer: The Zebra (Z-cup bra)


Always look on the bright side of life,

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What happened?

What happened? I am not very sure as well. But I am happy that you actually told your friend over the phone that “XH is around”. (Maybe I heard it wrongly but who cares) 😀

I am not very sure about what happened, but I don’t think that it would be anything good. However, as you said, “XH is around.” I am around 😀 I can a asquare, arectangle, atriangle and blah. Whatever it is, don’t be so bothered by whatever is troubling you. This is not the end, and everyone would be there for you in all shapes and sizes.

I meant this blog for someone, if you think I am talking about you… -_-”’ haha… It will be alright, cause I believe that God has plans for everyone. 😀 Abit no link but who cares!!

The days come and go, just to approach the day in which we will be faced with difficulties. If we get defeated by them, we can always press on and continue fighting. It would not be the end of the world. You may feel that there is no hope in life, nothing can help you anymore and blah… But, there is always something. ALWAYS!! It might take time, but there is ALWAYS something. So don’t lose faith and hope! FIGHT ON!!! GOGOGO!

Always look on the bright side of life,

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This is for real

Miracle in the sky. This is real. It is not photo-shopped and it is not any camera trick.

It was caught sight by our whole class in school when Mr. Low did not appear for our physics lesson. God must have arranged this time for us to be free so as to see his wonderful and marvellous creation in the sky. 😀

Still, it was worth being wowed at. The sun might be glaring, but it did not take away our spirits and excitement of seeing this phenomenon.


Thanks a lot to Maryanne for taking the photos and posting it up on our class blog. For more “Halo” pictures, you can go to to check out more about it. It was really lovely seeing it. 😀

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New song

Bin introduced me to this song. She fell in love with the song at the instant where she heard it. Then, she got be addicted to it. It is a song with very simple chords, yet, the tune us really very nice and the person singing this song has a really superb voice. The lyrics of this song is also quite sad and everything just fits in well.
Bin, not liking rock-style music loves the song has posted up a post on this song as well. Can you imagine what a nice song it is? Anyways, hope you will load the song and listen to it. Ignore the video.

I love this song.

Here are the lyrics…

Don’t lie and say that it’s OK.
It’s alright here, there’s nothing more to say.
So I’m running away.
I’m leaving this place.
Yeah, I’m running away.
I’m running away.

Don’t tell me, I don’t want to play.
It’s too late for you to make me stay.
No, I won’t stay.
So I’m running away.
I’m leaving this place.
Yeah, I’m running away.
I’m running away.

And faster than you can follow me from this lonely place.
And farther than you can find me, I’m leaving
Yeah I’m leaving today.
And I, I’ll never let you find me.
I’m leaving you behind with the past
No, I won’t look back.
And I don’t want to hear your reasons.
Don’t want to hear you tell me why I should stay.

And try, and try to understand me
And try to understand what I say when I say I can’t stay
I, I’m moving on from this place
I’m leaving and I won’t quit running away.

I’m running away.
I’m leaving this place.
Yeah, I’m running away.
I’m running away.

Bin also commented that the lead singer guy looks like Clay Aiken -_-…

Always look on the bright side of life,

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Change of DISC

As you can see from the title. My DISC has changed. I am now an ISC.

No more Pure I. I am not an ISC

The C trait would most probably come from working and revolving around the C people.
Christabel – CD
Lizzie Yap – CI (last time)
Vanessa Lee – CS (last time)
Serena Neo – (CI)
Renee Tan – (SC)
Clara Ying – (IC)

Yeah, now you know why I have the C trait?

In this team, working with almost everyone who has the C trait, of course it will bild p some “C”ness in me. AND!!! My da jie is definitely a C. MY WHOLE WORLD REVOLVES AROUND C PEOPLE. Go to school, C. Come home, another C. No matter how un”C” I was last time, with all these influences, you tell me I won’t be a C. -_-

Oh yah, it’s not just my traits that changed

Lizzie Yap – CD
Rationale for change: Working with Ms Kok. Must have learnt a lot from her. Also, with the daily handling of fweaks… I can soooo unserstand the change.

Christabel’s inner world – High S
Rationale for change: She has received too much love from us. She heart has been melted by the loving, caring, sharing and receiving. AWWWWW…

Vanessa Lee Shi QI – PURE C
I realise I don’t really know why she changed… Probably cause she works with too many C people that t made her even more C? Yeah, I think so… 😀

Handover will be on next Tuesday. I will really miss this team. The C in me is like a gift from them. I wonder if I will loose it after we are dismissed from our duties. The memories from last year’s handover, teacher’s day, primary school prefects camp, this year’s moving of schools, prefects’ installation, synapse and finally, Handover 2007. I am really going to miss everything. I love everyone in this team and everyone has done their part be it big or small. 😀


The fun times will be edged in my memories, the tough times will be edged in my heart, the times in which we spent together as a team will be kept in my treasure chest and it will be treasured like everything else. As we leave for our different institutions, we might not be spending time together anymore, however, looking back on all these memories is enough. For God sent all of you down as my friends, and you will always reamain as one.

Always look on the bright side of life,

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I know I promised to return right after common tests, but clearly, it dragged for 2 more days after CTs. -_-”’ I shall give a very brief breakdown of the common tests.

Thursday(17/8) – Social studies and literature
Studied for both, HOWEVER, literature did not turn out as well as I wanted. All of us seemed to have spot the wrong questions. Social stdies was a lot better, CHRISTABEL XIN TAN did her paper within 30 minutes! Break world record.

Friday (18/8) – Emaths and Amaths + Egeog
Did not have time to study my maths cause I had to spend time on geog. Turns out, I wasted my time there as well as nothing that I studied came out. -_-”’ CHRISTABEL XIN TAN TAN got 26/30 and she is very happy. -__-”’ Both maths was quite okay. Amaths – careless mistake made – 4 marks

Monday ( 20/8) – Physics and Chemistry
Did not really have the mood to study. The papers were a lot better than expected. HOWEVER, i am not confident in getting a good grade.

However, the real challenge comes when we are faced with prelims and Os. Work HARD!!! only 18 days left to prelims and 60 days to Os. JIAYOU!!

Always look on the bright side of life,

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Taking a time off

Will not be blogging for the next few days all the way till Monday due to the common tests. Need this time to stdy and I can’t spend too mch time on the compter.

1) Everyone’s health in kinda in good condition for the common tests
2) The cooling weather these few days so we can better perform in our papers

Prayer requests
1) Everyone’s health
2) Everyone’s sleep
3) Concentration while studying
4) Clarity if mind when doing our papers
5) The upcoming papers.

As we move a step closer to the prelims and o-levels, I pray that we will not be distracted by any source of distraction. Remove any source of temptation and allow us to concentrate and take some time to spend with you when we are doing our work. Let Your healing hands be upon each and everyone so they will stay healthy and face the exams without too much stress.
Thankyou Lord.

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O’ levels English Oral Examination

The exam went pretty well. Although I have a feeling that I screwed it up a little. BUT I really want to thank God for allowing us to discuss about this topic before the exam. For no reason, we started discussing about food and that, came out during the conversation.

Although the conversation went better than I expected, the picture was kinda blah… Before I can act smart and describe where this picture was taken from and so on and so forth, they HAVE to start asking the questions. And what question did they ask? If you are thinking of: What do you see in the picture? You are wrong. The question was: Why was this picture taken? What is the purpose of taking this photo? -____-”’

Whoa, might as well call this the o’ levels Social studies oral examination….

Always look on the bright side of life,

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Accident once again…

Hey all, I got another cut,

This cut is called a P____ cut.
Paper cut? WRONG!!!
Prawn cut, Yeah you are reading this, PRAWN CUT

Prawns are evil.

It all happened when I was shelling prawns in preparation for the dinner, I used the scissors to chop of the heads, and my hands to shell them, for some reason, when grabbing the prawns tail, the prawn jumped p in retaliation and cut me with something, I dunno what but just something. RARHH!!!

Prawns, you BURN IN _____!!!
Burn in He*l?
no… I don’t curse

Prawns are hazardous…

Always look on the bright side of life,

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