Are you feeling better?

Hope the sms “ses” were not wasted. 😀

7 things that I enjoy doing
1) Laughing
2) Sleeping
3) Listening to jokes
4) Telling jokes
5) Eating
6) Stoning
7) Sucking my finger (** BAD HABIT)

7 things that I do not enjoy doing
1) Studying
2) Listening to Mrs Wong de E.Geog lesson
3) Last minute sai gang (*Shitty jobs)
4) Telling xiao sammi to BUTTON UP
5) Trying to do maths questions
6) Trying to do the CEDAR PHYSICS PAPER
7) Making lists… -_-”’

As you can see, I can name so many happy thoughts and so many sad thoughts. Are we the type that would think happy thoughts or think sad thoughts. It is okay to be emo at times of the day, especially if you are pmsing, but at the end of the day, just remember that there are still happy thoughts deep in you jst that they are covered by sad thoguhts… Makes sense? -___-”’ aiyah, anything la -__-


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