Baseball ANIME :D

There is this baseball anime in which I have been crazy about for quite some time.

The show is called Major. The whole thing is based on this story of a little boy who loves basball la… The song that is put up is only the first season. I have no idea of how many seasons there are. All I know is that I am not finished with it myself.

If you are really interested, just go to
to learn more about it.

If you are super interested in it, just go to
to download the anime. BUTBUT, that is not the fll one…

Did not have much to blog aobut actually. So yeah šŸ˜€
Excited for the lunner trip with Sarah Teo tmr. Please don’t let anything crop up last minute… -_-”’

Prayer list
1) NDP on wed, all the contingents will perform well. Especially NPCC!!! ALL THE BEST PEOPLE!!! EVEN MORE ESPECIALLY LIZZIE WHO WILL BE COMANDING ON THAT DAY!!
2) Teacher’s day audition tmr, pray that we will get to perform and also that we will get to extend out time beyond the abit short de 3 minutes.
3) Good weather for the NDP rehersal tmr.
4) Everything will go smoothly tmr for everyone.
5) Someone who got sick today. Get well mans… you must have been stressed out by the preparation for teacher’s day. -_- Really sorry…

Always look on the bright side of life,


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