I know I promised to return right after common tests, but clearly, it dragged for 2 more days after CTs. -_-”’ I shall give a very brief breakdown of the common tests.

Thursday(17/8) – Social studies and literature
Studied for both, HOWEVER, literature did not turn out as well as I wanted. All of us seemed to have spot the wrong questions. Social stdies was a lot better, CHRISTABEL XIN TAN did her paper within 30 minutes! Break world record.

Friday (18/8) – Emaths and Amaths + Egeog
Did not have time to study my maths cause I had to spend time on geog. Turns out, I wasted my time there as well as nothing that I studied came out. -_-”’ CHRISTABEL XIN TAN TAN got 26/30 and she is very happy. -__-”’ Both maths was quite okay. Amaths – careless mistake made – 4 marks

Monday ( 20/8) – Physics and Chemistry
Did not really have the mood to study. The papers were a lot better than expected. HOWEVER, i am not confident in getting a good grade.

However, the real challenge comes when we are faced with prelims and Os. Work HARD!!! only 18 days left to prelims and 60 days to Os. JIAYOU!!

Always look on the bright side of life,


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