Change of DISC

As you can see from the title. My DISC has changed. I am now an ISC.

No more Pure I. I am not an ISC

The C trait would most probably come from working and revolving around the C people.
Christabel – CD
Lizzie Yap – CI (last time)
Vanessa Lee – CS (last time)
Serena Neo – (CI)
Renee Tan – (SC)
Clara Ying – (IC)

Yeah, now you know why I have the C trait?

In this team, working with almost everyone who has the C trait, of course it will bild p some “C”ness in me. AND!!! My da jie is definitely a C. MY WHOLE WORLD REVOLVES AROUND C PEOPLE. Go to school, C. Come home, another C. No matter how un”C” I was last time, with all these influences, you tell me I won’t be a C. -_-

Oh yah, it’s not just my traits that changed

Lizzie Yap – CD
Rationale for change: Working with Ms Kok. Must have learnt a lot from her. Also, with the daily handling of fweaks… I can soooo unserstand the change.

Christabel’s inner world – High S
Rationale for change: She has received too much love from us. She heart has been melted by the loving, caring, sharing and receiving. AWWWWW…

Vanessa Lee Shi QI – PURE C
I realise I don’t really know why she changed… Probably cause she works with too many C people that t made her even more C? Yeah, I think so… 😀

Handover will be on next Tuesday. I will really miss this team. The C in me is like a gift from them. I wonder if I will loose it after we are dismissed from our duties. The memories from last year’s handover, teacher’s day, primary school prefects camp, this year’s moving of schools, prefects’ installation, synapse and finally, Handover 2007. I am really going to miss everything. I love everyone in this team and everyone has done their part be it big or small. 😀


The fun times will be edged in my memories, the tough times will be edged in my heart, the times in which we spent together as a team will be kept in my treasure chest and it will be treasured like everything else. As we leave for our different institutions, we might not be spending time together anymore, however, looking back on all these memories is enough. For God sent all of you down as my friends, and you will always reamain as one.

Always look on the bright side of life,


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    Nessa said,

    Hahahaha.. Actually i just realized that I am still an CS, just that my S dropped.. It’s lying on the midline =__= I AM A CS, how can i be a Pure C when i feel that my C trait is barely present now 😦

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