The photo abit unglam… WHO CARES 😀

It has really been a great pleasure working with you. As much as you ALWAYS suan me, I am happy that God gave me the chance to work with you. I am sure that you would not be reading this, thus, I can praise yo as much as I want here 😀

As much as you may display a strict image, you never fail to care for the friends around you. Everyone loves you 😀 I believe that analogics would never had survived without you and all your latecomers LOVE YOU!!!! 😀

I am not very good at words as usual… -_-”’ Just wanna say that you have been a really great workmate, friend and sisterly character. I thank God for giving me the chance to meet you and know you more. 😀 Really, thanks a lot. 😀 YOU ARE GREAT!!!

-_-”’ and you better not be reading this.

Always look on the bright side of life,

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  1. 1

    eileen said,

    i can see your msg. i have a laptop at home..

  2. 2

    Alynn. said,

    Hello Xioa Hui! =D

  3. 3

    eileen said,

    your blog is going to rot if you don’t update it..

  4. 4

    Alynn. said,

    Why is your blog so dead? Wah lao leh! Hurry blog!

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