WOAH! What are we doing?

Yeah, the number of articles has amounted to 7.
Seriously, this whole thing is going to become some record breaking event with the greatest number of articles over one small little thing like that. I would not be surprised if this goes onto Newpaper or what. Sigh, morale of the story? 女人不好惹。

There are basically 2 groups of people now.
1) People who feel unjust and complaining like crazy.
2) People who feel embarrassed by these people.

Please think about these points people
1) This is over.

2) We are going to break the record on STOMP

3) We do not profit from this as NOBODY is reading it.
For example: If I tell you that this incident happened in another school, you would not bother to go read the articles posted up right? Face it, only PL lites are reading it. If you are thinking that our voices are heard, YOU ARE WRONG.

4) The SAME information is repeated over AND OVER again.
After the 2nd article, I decided not to read it anymore but keep count of the number of articles.

5) The only dudes who profit is STOMP.
Yeah, they are earning the money from this.

So? Yeah? Anything else? No. This shall be the last time I will be talking about this on my blog man. Waste of space. BUTBUT! I shall continue to keep count of the number of articles. GO ON PL LITES! BREAK THE RECORD MAN!

Now, we can all see that our school does not just have the most number of click 5 fans. We are also the school who is going to send in the most number of articles (with the same information) in one week!

Always look on the bright side of life,


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