A few more to go…

Yeah Eileen Ong!!! LOOK AT THIS!!! I AM POSTING!!!

Number of papers left:
1: Amaths paper 1
2: Amaths paper 2
3: Chemistry paper 2
4: E.geog
5: English paper 1
6: English paper 2
7: Emaths paper 1

8: Emaths paper 2
9: HCL paper 1
10: HCL paper 2
11: Physics paper 2
12: Social Studies
13: Literature paper 1
14: Literature paper 2
15: Chemistry paper 1
16: Physics paper 1

I can’t believe it, there are only 5 papers left. 3 official days of exams.
Just got off the phone with Eileen Ong.
Got distressed. Thanks a lot.
She and her retarded jumping bolster.

Anyway, I came up with the rough list of people flying overseas
1: Alynn – Australia
2: Eileen – Antartica (Penguin)
3: Vanessa – Korea
4: Renee – Africa (No reason)
5: Melissa Chan – Australia (Airpork is imported from that place)
6: Christabel – Beijing – needa buy her mask
7: Some more la… cannot remember

8: XH neo – … Singapore – Maybe sentosa – I KNOW!!! PULAU TEKONG!!!

Always look on the bright side of life,


2 Responses so far »

  1. 1

    Alynn. said,

    Melissa’s going to China la! Wah you crap ah! 5 more papers, 5 more papers, 5 more papers!

  2. 2

    eileen said,

    DON”T NEED TO TELL PEOPLE ABOUT ME AND MY JUMPING BOLSTER!! hahaha.. Even though my bolster is super cute.. HAHAHAHA!

    Too bad i am not flying to Antarctica. HAHA! i will be singapore. OH NO!


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