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As you can see, I keep getting distracted

At this point of time, I have only covered
– Merger and Seperation
– Northern Ireland and Sri Lanka
– Conflicts among countries
– Housing

And I still need to cover
– Diplomacy and Deterrance
– Industries
– Education and Healthcare services
– Population

Oh no… sigh… Why didn’t I start yesterday?
But one thing is, I thank God that I do not take Bio.
All who take Bio! JIA YOU!!!! YOU CAN DO IT!!!

How could I live without You
How could I survive
Without Your love
Without Your touch
You’re the one that heals me
Clenses my heart
And sets me free

5 more papers. Empower me Lord.

Always look on the bright side of life,

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I know…

Yeah, I am not supposed to talk about the click 5 thing again.
BUT this time it has went all the way to sunday times. Yeah, go read it.
3rd page from the back.

Ok, all the information given is the same. I am not angry about that.
What I am angry about is when they stated, “A secondary 3 prefect added that the school was being too rigid, espicially since the examinations for the rest of the school were over by then.”

What has the world come to, as much as they want to proof to a large extent of how the students are feeling, did they have to use the prefects’ name? It is like how the teachers will feel if a teacher is mentioned. For example, “A teacher in PLMGSS commented that this matter was badly┬áhandled.”

Yes, the teachers will get into trouble, in this case, SO WILL WE!

Can the people who talk please think OF THE FRIGGIN CONSEQUENCES?

I do believe that after this, the prefects will get into trouble with the school. Of course I am worried, but what can we do now? What’s done cannot be undone. The authorities of the school are going to read the papers and comment, “Why are our prefects making such comments?”

I know we have the liberty to speak, but the sad thing is, we must know when and where. If not, this is how people will view and look at you. Not just prefects, everyone as a matter of fact. Including teachers, principals and all. Isn’t that why this whole thing started and became so big?

Always look on the bright side of life,

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