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Number of papers left:
1: Amaths paper 1
2: Amaths paper 2
3: Chemistry paper 2
4: E.geog
5: English paper 1
6: English paper 2
7: Emaths paper 1

8: Emaths paper 2
9: HCL paper 1
10: HCL paper 2
11: Physics paper 2
12: Social Studies
13: Literature paper 1

14: Literature paper 2
15: Chemistry paper 1
16: Physics paper 1

2 papers left, 1 official day, 6 days left. Wohoo!

Sense of belonging was kinda tough, but okay la. HAPPY THAT THEY ARE OVER!
Now, we just have to wait for the paper 1s. Actually I am very glad that they fall on the 12. At least there will still be time to prepare for them. Hee… 

Walked to dunno which 136 bus stop after the lit paper because some people (ahem ahem) wanted to walk home. Yeah, who is it? Let’s play hangman.

_ _ _ _ _

P? Yeah.

P_ _ _ _

I? Yeah.

PI_ _ _

N? Yeah.

PIN_ _

K AND Y? Yeah.


Tadaa… Yeah. She wanted to walk home. The exams must have burnt her brain out man. So the kind soul like me decided to accompany her on her journey BUTBUT not all the way home. A bit far arh, I live in Sengkang. -_-”’

Totally slacked today man. Gonna pia through the weekends. 😀

OH YAH! And I need to burn all my books. Or sell them away. Anything.

I feel so empty now…
There is nothing to do but sleep and watch stuff.
Of course I can study sciences, but WHO WILL DO IT NOW?

Shall continue searching for movies to watch online. Gimme more Gimme more! I WANT MOVIES I WANT MOVIES! YATA! Can’t wait for 12th November. Primiere of heroes. Wohoo!

And we’ll be faithful to our calling
For You are able to keep us from falling
For in Your promise, we will trust
We’ll be faithful to finish the work You began in us

This song has never been more apt.

Always look on the bright side of life,

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