Hi! 7 things are back! Copyrighted from Bin.

What I like about ECP
1. The sand
2. The sea
3. The wind
4. The bicycle rental
5. The coconut trees
6. The roads
7. The 7-eleven


7 things I hate eating/drinking
1. Bread
2. The brother of bread, Doughnut
3. Pig’s liver/organ/whatever soup
4. Kim Chi
5. Long Beans (not bean stalk)
6. Coffee (Gives me stomach ache)
7. Bandung (Is it really made from rose? bleah… -_-)

7 things I love eating/drinking
1. LEMON TEA (Only pokka)
2. Lime mint Mentos
3. Mushrooms (All kinds man)
4. Eggs (All kinds too man)
5. Cheese’ded’ food items(Not too much)
6. Pasta made by bin

7 tips for exams
1. Keep all the things that you need in one place.
2. Keep your eyes on the person at the mic, just in case he says”pens down”
3. Bring a watch, keep track of timing
4. For mid years, bring gloves. Temperature will be super low
5. Fill your stomachs before emaths p2 (longest paper)
6. Bring ear plugs, needa concentrate
7. Pray that you don’t sit beside Christabel Ah Tan Tan. 😀 (you will feel lousy)

Hmm… Can’t think of anything else.

Always look on the bright side of life,

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  1. 1

    Xiaobin said,

    Haha! You think Emaths paper is long? Muahahahahahahahaha! *evil laughter* Wait till you guys go on to JC, most papers are 3 hours la! Unless they change the format and I dunnoe. LOL. Enjoy 3 hour-papers and writing until your hands cramp!

  2. 2

    Alynn. said,

    Doughnuts are nice okay! You haven’t tasted the donuts near Linyi’s house.

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