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Yeah, I never realised that there was such a book, have not started reading it yet but I am going to read it to find out what it is talking about. You mean Gatsby is actually a word and a name?


Always look on the bright side of life,

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I have to say that this year was the best year I had for christmas.

Celebrated christmas eve eve at Alynn de big big house with her small small room and her great great dinner. Yeah, it is not christmas eve, it is CHRISTMAS EVE EVE cause it was on 23rd December. Hee…

Did not really celebrate on christmas eve, I stayed at home to watch <Transformers> and <Ella Enchanted>. Nothing significant. I wanted to bake cookies but there wasn’t time. -_-”’

Went out with cell to Upper Pierce Reservoir. Had to wake up at 7 A.M.
It wasn’t really a time of celebration but more of a time of solitude with the nature, monkeys and of course, with God. Did some thinking and had some questions answered.


The pictures of monkeys and everything are with Vanessa and Eileen, waiting for them to update their blogs so I can cope the pictures. YOHOOO! IF YOU ARE READING THIS, UPDATE THE PICTURES!!! Oh, and Eileen, please do not put Danson pictures before out pictures. -_-

Was watching the news when I suddenly realised that tsunami happened 3 years ago. For us outsiders, time has flown. But for those who were affected by the giant wave , time has inched slowly for them. Some of them lost their homes, some lost their businesses, some even their loved ones. Everyday has been tough for them. However, these people are still fighting on for survival. I really hope and pray that their lives will be touched this very christmas.

Always look on the bright side of life,

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Christmas isn’t Christmas

Christmas isn’t Christmas
Till it happens in your heart
Somewhere deep inside you
Is where Christmas really starts
So give your heart to Jesus
You’ll discover when you do
Christmas really Christmas for you…

Had cell today and realised that I have really lost focus on what is important for Christmas. So yeah, I need to focus back on the real meaning of Christmas. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESUS!! wohoo!

My neck is aching, I have not idea why. Getting old…

Always look on the bright side of life,

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Friday night when the lights are lowwww…

Reasons to be happy:

1) Todd won SURVIVOR CHINA!!!




3) It is going to be Jesus de birthday soon!!!

4) It is TANG YUAN day!!!


5) I am going to have the first ever christmas party kinda thing on Sunday at Alynn’s big big house. The first time in 16 years and 23 days of my life!!! wohoo!

That is basically it. Hee… For now.

Always look on the bright side of life,

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3rd post…

3rd post for the day.

Got emo after reading something, “With life, people come and go. People enter into our lives and then leave.” So apt for us now. After we go off to the different places, are we going to continue to stay in contact? Or are we going to let it exist in out distant memory? WAHHH!!!!

Through my 4 years in PL, I got a chance to come across a lot of different types of people. Sec 1 was a year, sec 2 was a year, sec3 was a year and sec 4 was a year. All filled with different colours and different people. People that God has placed in my life to make a difference in me. People that we have crosspassed with in on life’s road.


After going past each other, we are now faced with junctions to make decisions. Are they right or wrong? Are we going to meet each other on this stretch of road ever again?

Always look on the bright side of life,

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I know that one will have bad times and emo times, I have them too 😀

Don’t feel bad about it lah.

If one says “A friendship takes 10 years to be built but take 10 seconds to be ruined” or something like that. I have to say that it is wrong to a certain extent.

It is true that something wrong that you do my forfeit the friendship, but not so easily. Everyone has low times and makes mistakes, do we just “don’t friend” that person just because of that. Haha, that will be so primary school.

Friends are on this earth to allow us to make mistakes. Why? Because true friends will not take things to heart and forgive and forget. The one thing that they do not forgive and forget are the great times spent together.

Yeah, I was thinking that this would be a very long post but I realised that I don’t hav much to say le. WAHHA! So yeah, don’t be so hard on yourself. you have friends around you man!!! woho!!! THREE CHEERS!!!

Always look on the bright side of life,

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Please do not send me anymore forwarded messages, chain mails or whatsoever. SERIOUSLY!!! NOOOOO!!!!

When I receive mails, it will be like a dunno how many of the same message. -___-”’

First type
Forward this message or you will die

Second type
Forward this message or you will have bad luck for 100 years

Thrid type
Forward this message and you will marry your first love in the future.


Pui…. The first this I do when I see chain mails is to delete them, I don’t even bother viewing the stuff la!

Always look on the bright side of life,

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I realised that I am supposed to blog about this.
Do you know that I can also be referred to as Jennifer now?

It was a rainy morning and I woke up at 8.30 to go bathe and whatever so I can be ready at 9 and go take a bus. (Had to meet with EAR at AMK hub at 10) BUT NOOO!!! I decided to take a cab with my sister.

So, morning rush and we did not see any taxis, so we decided to call for a cab.

My phone got through first and the first thing I heard was, “HellogoodmorningcomfortiamJENNIFERwheredoyouwantthetaxitopickyouupfrom?” yeah, one whole lonk chunk of words. Could not really catch what she was saying, heard the name Jennifer the clearest.

Passed the phone to my sister, she talked, I waited. Suddenly, she asked me something about name, I heard the question as “What is the person’s name?” So I said “JENNIFER!!! QUICK QUICK!!! JENNIFER!!!” So she nodded and said Jennifer. She then got off the phone.

When the cab came, the taxi driver asked, who is the one who called, my sis said Xioahui. The uncle stoned. Then he asked, “Not Jennifer meh?” Turns out, the name that they were asking for was my name. That is the problem with the service lah…. DON’T SPEAK SO FAST CAN!?!?!?

So now, my name is registered as Jennifer under comfort cabs, if I want to call them in the future, I will have to go onto the cab and say, “Yeah Uncle, I am Jennifer.” -___-”’

Always look on the bright side of life,

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I am weird

I realise something. I do not like to express my emotions openly. When I am high it is one thing, that one is not expressing emotions. But besides that, it seems as though I want people to know who I truly am. I love to talk, I am a high “I”. But am I for real? I realise that I don’t like it when people are “fake” to others, acting cute and all but am I doing it myself. I really wonder.

When I am emoing to myself, I do not like to socialise. But when I am put into a situation where I have to know the people around me, I become a different person. The closer one is to me, the more emo side will he or she see in me. I realise that I am emo in front of my relatives and family members and I do not really show my high side. To my friends, I am high most of the time, but I seldom get emo in front of the people I do not know well.

In a certain way, when I am emo, I am myself. What is with me? I have no idea. This scares me a little bit. I do not want to be fake, but it seems as if I have already spent 4 years of  my life being fake.

Always look on the bright side of life,

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Part one of HAPPY BIRTHDAY wish 😀



I know it is not your birthday yet, and you probably won’t see this but who cares!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY IN 1 DAY ADVANCE!!! HAPHAPHAPHAPHAPPY!!!!

P.S. Don’t worry, I won’t tell your beloved Sammi and your beloved Sam (You don’t know?)

Let us recall Synapse…. 😀

Always look on the bright side of life,

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