I know that one will have bad times and emo times, I have them too 😀

Don’t feel bad about it lah.

If one says “A friendship takes 10 years to be built but take 10 seconds to be ruined” or something like that. I have to say that it is wrong to a certain extent.

It is true that something wrong that you do my forfeit the friendship, but not so easily. Everyone has low times and makes mistakes, do we just “don’t friend” that person just because of that. Haha, that will be so primary school.

Friends are on this earth to allow us to make mistakes. Why? Because true friends will not take things to heart and forgive and forget. The one thing that they do not forgive and forget are the great times spent together.

Yeah, I was thinking that this would be a very long post but I realised that I don’t hav much to say le. WAHHA! So yeah, don’t be so hard on yourself. you have friends around you man!!! woho!!! THREE CHEERS!!!

Always look on the bright side of life,


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