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Os Results

For He has plans for me.

That is all I need to know when I get my results.

Even if it is not up to expectations, I will not care about it.

That is probably why I am not scared or worried now.

Tense and anticipating to see my results, yes. Worried, no.

We live in a world or irony. We have been waiting for this day to be over but not for it to arrive.

Always look on the bright side of life,

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Too rash…

Yeah, I think I was too rash.
I am not angry anymore 😀

Had some quality time with 2 dudes. REally needed that 😀


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Basically, I do not like it. You can say I hate what happened today. It shows how insignificant I might be in your BIG BIG life. Yeah. Why do I not like today? I do not want to talk about it.

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Yeah, I realise that I have not been blogging much ever since the post about New Year. I did not even blog about my new year resolutions and whatsoever!!! WAHHH!?!?

Why is that so, cause I have been working 10 hours a day and when I return home, I bathe and sleep.

In case some of you do not know, I have been working for the past week in a Ba KWA shop and yeah. Shall spend the 15 minutes I have now narrating about my work.

4th Jan (Friday)
First day of work
Stood for 10 hours
Ate Cha Kuay Teow
Busy sms’ing EXCO to get everyone together to celebrate Grandma de bdae
In the end cancelled…

5th Jan (Saturday)
Second day of work
Fell down when running for the bus
People who saw my wounds thought that I scalded myself from the BA KWA 
Stood for 10 hours
Ate carrot cake for dinner

6th Jan (Sunday)
Happy birthday MISS GAN!!!
Third day of work
Stood for 10 hours
Decided not to eat anything
Met up with Da Jielater at night to go meet her friends
Main purpose: To eat
Went home to make a card (For what? :D)

7th Jan (Monday)
Worked for only half a day today
So I stood for 5 hours
Met up with exco cause to discuss about something
Ate 2 plates of la mian for dinner
In the end we ended up crapping
As we listened to Sherrie and her “Bye brother” story
Went home earlier FINALLY at 9+

8th Jan (Tuesday)
Worked for 10 hours
Stood for 10 hours
Nothing special happened, I still decided that I should not eat
Bought KFC home, my lunch cum dinner cum supper
Rushed home to watch ke jia zhi ge BUT I still missed 45 minutes of the show
Bought it for da jie too.

9th Jan (Wednesday)
Supervisor wasn’t there
Sucky day at work
Stood for 10 hours
Did not want to eat anything
Missing my sup.
Went home to cook and realise that mum cooked curry
Ate the curry

10th Jan (Thursday)
Only thing I have done so far? BLogging.

Shall wake up every morning earlier to blog about stuff.
Got “high demands”

My eyes are going to close and my legs are going to break

Always look on the bright side of life,

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Before anything happens, I shall post up photos 😀


Photo taken when we were waiting. They were filming something I do not know what. We were cordoned off the area, so sis took some photos. The place is not as comfortable as you think horh -__-”’


Here, you see desperado ppl waiting for the fireworks to start. Yes, we were one of them. -___-”’


AND BEHOLD!!! THE PEOPLE!!! A LOT OF PEOPLE!!! OMGAAAAA!!!! SHO DUO DE LORH!!!Always look on the bright side of life,

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Keep me calm…


Will I start to panic and breakdown when something is thrown on me?
That I will never know.
But please keep my as calm as the ocean in the picture.
Calm me when there are waves,
Before I hurt anyone or myself.

Always look on the bright side of life,

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