Yeah, I know I have been MIA for a while. SO I AM BACK WITh my beloved blog which is on the verge of dying if I do not revive it. MY BLOG IS HEALED!!! IT IS A MIRACLE!! o.O

Getting a bit high these days, probably cause I do not have anything to do. Not exactly anything but my mind has not been functioning for quite a while le. OH yah. HAPPY BDAE ER JIE!!!!


Okay, she is not at home… I have not seen her face since Saturday when we had our meal and Tao’s.

Yeah, right after that, I puked out the expensive dinner. (Sorry da jie) Not that the food was not good or was poisonous, it was just that there were some weird reactions in my stomach and I started vomitting everything out. Vomitted for a total of 6 times. First time food, second time bile, third time onwards bile and more bile. Yeah. It was bitter and horrible. Thank God I got better the next day.

So, what has been happening to me? Nothing much actually. I am just living my boring days going out on some days and staying at home on some days and doing housework on some days and the list goes on. Had a chat with someone about playing piano and I realised that I have not been touching the piano for quite a while now. One reason is cause I dropped it and the other is cause I only play it when I am stressed and I am not stressed currently.

Yeah. For some reason, me not blogging for such a long time has caused me to be disorientated and my words. Everything is like jumping all over the place. Shall end here for now.

Always look on the bright side of life,


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