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Yo person,

Saw the sms from Alynn in the morning about which school she is going into. Got reminded that there is this posting thing so I checked my phone again. Turns out I got into MJ. Smsded 2 dudes my results and one of them replied and told me the school she got into.

I don’t really know how to respond. I know that  you are not happy.

It’s alright that you got into that school.
I know that it might not have been your choice and that there is some dude that you do not want to meet there, or rather 2 of them.
But I am sure that things will work out fine in the end.
After all, the campus is very big and you might not see her(s)
And you will be in a different class as her(s)

Ultimately, you are put there for a reason and purpose.
God must have placed you there because he wanted something from it, after all, you are his creation and he would not put you in harm.
If life is really terrible there, you still have friends outside those walls,
we can still go for movies and lunches and dinners and you can still be late.


Always look on the bright side of life,

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Interesting trend

Yeah. As we grow older, the physical loads that we carry  gets lighter.

Let me give you a breakdown.

When we are in primary school,
do you remember carrying super heavy bags?
ANd climing up and down with them?
How we feel as if our backs are gonna break?
Maybe we were stikk young and the bags seem super heavy.

But, it is true to a certain extent as the pri school time table was kinda spread out. Not as crazy as the secondary school time tables.

In secondary school,
we get smarter, we start to leave books under the table and in lockers
There are only the few lessons in one day.
Books ARE thicker and we don’t use it sometimes.
Also, things start to come in notes.

TADAAA, there you have it, why bags are lighter.

Moving on, JC or POLY,

Mostly lectures and stuff,
everything is selfcopied notes or something.
Thus, it is obviously lighter.
Homeroom system, they can’t make us carry too heavy of stuff, will hurt our backs. 😀

In University,
Yeah, you get the rough image,
course works and stuff,
sending your assighments to lecturers.
Or something along that line.


Actaully, all I wanted to say was I got into Meridian JC arts stream but it is so short that I figured that I’d better write something to fill up the post. Yeah.

Always look on the bright side of life,

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I LOVE 蕭敬騰!!!

Was surfing the net for stuff at night when I decided to check up on the 超級星光大道 stuff. Like how everything works and stuff. That was when I realised that 蕭敬騰 is so funny. HAHAHA!!! He is not good looking I have to say but his voice is superbbbbbb and YOU HAVE to check this video out. You will see how adorable he is.

I sound like some psychotic fan.


Always look on the bright side of life,

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