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Not that I don’t want to say…

But it is a very deep down and sensitive issue.
And I am not in that school because of this reason.
I have never told anyone ever about this and how much it had bothered me,
but I am very pathetic in this area, so yeah.

I guess I would have ended up in that school if the person was not there.
And I would really love to be in that school seeing that A LOT of my friends and good pals are there.
in MJ it’s like… -__-”’ everyone knows each other and the only closer friends I have now and are mixing with are the PL ppl. I can even make friends with the grass on the field le lorh.

Always look on the bright side of life,

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In case you did not notice, I have a myBOX thingy now!
3 cheers for me learning something new!!!

Anyways, new song up for you.

I know that the part where the guy got knocked down is lame, and that some of you might not like Selena very much, but this MTV really drove me to tears towards the end. THANK YOU ER JIE FOR RECOMMENDING THE SONG TO MEEEEE. 😀


葉子 – 阿桑

葉子 是不會飛翔的翅膀
翅膀 是落在天上的葉子
天堂 原來應該不是妄想

孤單 是一個人的狂歡
狂歡 是一群人的孤單
愛情 原來的開始是陪伴

我一個人吃飯旅行 到處走走停停
也一個人看書寫信 自己對話談心


葉子 是不會飛翔的翅膀
翅膀 是落在天上的葉子

Always look on the bright side of life,

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New environment

I have not been experiencing much from JC life.
Why? Cause MJ has not started it’s actual curriculum and it’s orientation.
For the past 2 days, all we have been doing are admin things, our orientation in only next week from Monday to Wednesday. (In which is the installation day, thus, I have NO IDEA how I am going to get out of it)

Made some new friends in the college, got extremely close to Jenny NEO (named by me), Judy and Eleanor, since the number of PL lites there are like -___-”’. There are only 8 PL lites in the whole of the 08 cohort.

Taking arts. TELL YOU. The number of arts students are like 1/8 of the number of science students. -_-”’ We are like the rare species in MJ. Since MJ has a serious shortage of guys, I have the gut feeling that I am either going to end up on a class with all girls or in a class where there are gay guys. SO, technically, I am back to being in a girl’s school.

Had to learn the mass dance today. It was quite fun despite the crammed space in the hall. HOWEVER, like learning all kinds of dances, I totally sucked at catching up. On the side note, my SHOES are too big for me and I keep kicking them off. For couple dance, guess what song was used…. <Accidentally in Love> Sobsob… Brings back memories of Secondary school life.

Looking forward to being in a class, I have been wondering about like some lost soul. Have not found my sense of belonging in this school. I miss everyone. PMS’ing now.

I guess there comes a point in everyone’s life when they experience a change in environment that they willl start missing everything. I really miss PL and everything about it. I miss the people, I miss the places, I miss my teachers, even EJ. (come to think of it, not really).


P.S. I hate buying uniforms.

Always look on the bright side of life,

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