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Hello all.

I do realise that I have not been online for the past 2 nights and have not blogged for 2 days. So, for the purpose of keeping this blog alive and updating it, I shall just blog something.



P.S. Not that I don’t want to blog but I am not in the mood now, I want to sleep (:

Prayer list
1. Soccer team (WIN SR!)
2. Lessons to be fun tmr
3. Everyone to be in a good state of mind
4. The SA ppl rushing out their PI
5. A101 ppl who rushed out lit essay

I believe that God will grant us with good weather, thus, I shall not bring an umbrella.
Actually, it’s also cause I don’t want to.


Always look on the bright side of life,

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Oh nooo…

It is 11.15PM.

I have to do my friggin ECONS and friggin LIT and friggin MATHS.

All my fault for slacking for the past few hours.

Gonna be fish de birthday tmr, feels so weird. This is like the first time I am really celebrating a birthday for a friend in MJ worh. The one with princess Bryan doesn’t really count cause I had no idea that it was gonna be his birhtday and stuff. Either ways, am excited for tmr.


As a tradition on my part, I love to give ppl weird things on their birthdays. BE PREPARED! MUAHAAH! You will see my true colours tmr.


Seriously, I should not be blogging now, but I am in the I wanna slack kinda mood.

XH: I wanna slack
Con (short for conscious): But you have not done your homework!
XH: I am lazy prawn…
XH: NO! I have an impt mission at 12!
Con: Okay okay, at least go do your work at 12.
XH: Huh…
Con: Do you wanna chiong your work like what you did today?
XH: Noo…
Con: Then do your work at 12!
XH: Okay.
Con: Good girl.

XH: One more thing
Con: Yeah?
XH: I abit de hungry
Con: I am your conscious, you have control over me. It is not my fault.
XH: Oh yah.

Signs of mental breakdown when people start to communicate to their conscious.


I just realised that I have not memorised my choir scores. Halleujah!

Prayer list
1. Fish for her to be happy tmr.
2. Jenny cause she is sick
3. All those who had training today and are tired but still needa finish their work
4. Friends in other JCs that are also polluting the environment due to the burning of oil.

SERIOUSLY. One great way to reduce global warming is to STOP GIVING US SO MUCH WORK. In the process of doing work, we burn midnight oil and emmitt harmful gases into the ozone layer. IS THAT WHAT WE WANT? NOO!!!

Culprit to global warming – homework

Always look on the bright side of life,

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Little details

There are a lot of beautiful things around us that we do not notice. Things that seem to speack of a certain message. I have a feeling that I was slacking too much to notice this, but was drinking a cup of milo when I saw something very cute on the cup. It seems to tell me, DO YOUR ECONS!

Do you’ll see the sparstic face? The milo mark on the cup with the 2 blobs.
I present to you the DO YOUR ECONS face.

Could not go to church today as mum was in a very bad mood. Had to stay home to iron my uniform. Wonder what was shared today, seems so fun when they talked about all the tambourines and stuff. The face on the mug also says, “I should be in church.”

OH YAH. People who are going to see me tmr, you will see my tomato face, or if you have been saying that I look like a fishball, I will be a fishball with chilli sauce on me. Why? Cause I am burnt. Went with my sis on Thursday to check out a softball match. It was in the morning so the sun was bearing down on us. SUPER RED NOW CAN?!?!

Be bold, be strong
For the Lord thy God is with you.



Always look on the bright side of life,

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Found this on youtube, uploaded by Maryanne. Found it on her blog also. HOW COME I HAVE NEVER SEEN THIS CLIP?


Last year, when we first moved into the new premis, the school bell wasn’t programmed properly and there were a lot of times when the fire alarm got set off accidentally. Fire drills are already in a sense “fake”, so we have a fake “fake” alarm set off at least 3 times everyday. So much so that we are immune to such a thing. When the real fire drill took place, we were telling ourselves that it was another fake bell. in the end, the whole school was scolded by Mdm Dhillion. 

Still remember the day when this happened, we were having physics as can be seen from the video as Mr. Low was standing there. Mr. Low did not seem to care much as he kinda knew that it was a fake fire drill. As all of us were “panicking”, he just said, “Do your work lah! You won’t die.”

Alynn was yelling, “Mr. LOW! You can’t do this to us!!! What if we die? WHAT IF WE GET BURNT ALIVE?” Of course, that was to spice up the already funny atmosphere. I was shouting, “The fire damn power, raining still can burn woah!” cause at that point of time, it was raining.

I miss my class a lot man. 😀

Always look on the bright side of life,

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Something MISSED

It has been such a long time since I last saw this. I believe for most of you too.


Always look on the bright side of life,

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Good Friday was GREAT!

Met up with Eileen, Vanessa and Lizzie at Eileen’s house de void deck.
The story starts…

Went to Eileen’s house de void deck at 3.45.
Nobody was there.
Called Vanessa and checked it I made any mistakes.

So, I sat there and emo’ded to myself as I waited for the arrival of everyone.
Eileen arrived first with her super big <INTERACT> shirt.
She then sat down and started reading on her GP stuff, so hardworking.
Vanessa arrived shortly after and started snapping away with her suaku tourist camera.
She then took out her nice nice camera and took photos.

First failed attempt

Second “passed” attempt

Apparently, I was too tall, thus I had to make myself shorter.
Lizzie then arrived on the 70metres bus as according to Eileen after being stuck in a traffic butter.

We then took bus 53 to go airport to eat chicken.

Yadayadayada, we talked on the bus.
yadayadayada, we talked about a particular someone.
Yadayadayada, we hoped that something will change the person.

REached our beloved Changi airport in which might not have been there if Mas Selemat succeeded in bombing it. Ate chicken at popye’s. Half-way through the meal, we got a call from renee saying that we were supposed to be there at 6.00pm and not 6.30pm. So all of us were late.

Had to rush through our meal and some person did not finish her chicken and wanted to bring it for renee. -__-”’ Some person was also supposed to finish the biscuits since she loves them but did not finish it. Some person is definitely not Eileen Ong since she eats so slowly, some person is also definitely no Vanessa since she thinks that the whole thing was disgusting, some person will definitely not be me cause I will never speak of myself badly. (: So we HAVE A FINALIST FOR SOME PERSON! LIZZIE YAP MIN YEN!!!

We then took MRT to expo for the service where some person terrorized me on the train. Mas Selemat number 2 out to bomb the train.

For pictorial evidences to how I was bullied, please go to

Of course, all the picture that you see on this blog is from her. -_-”’

Reached expo shortly, although we were late, we managed to catch a short session of worship. The video showed on snipets of Passion of the Christ with the song was also very touching. Got me thinking more about the true meaning of Good Friday.

Meassage shared today was about marriages, and how to make it really work and stuff. At first, I was thinking that it might have been abit in appropriate for us but it turned out all right. At then end, you will wish that you were married to someone. Haha. Really enjoyed service.

Took REnee de father de car to Serangoon MRT station to take MRT home. Talked about how assembly will never start if lizzie is in AVA and how everyone will get food poisoning if renee is in culinary club.

Of course, the day would not have been so enjoyable without the fellowship of people I love. I would have been better if Alynn was around but she had something on. (date with bf arh) haha. Can so imagine Alynn with her bf.


Life is great worzhsz!

Always look on the bright side of life,

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Something funny

As Turbine and I walked out of the school on Thursday, we heard a phone conversation that contained this line.

“WAH! My homework is 3cm THICK! All the teachers seem to think that Good Friday + weekends very long liddat. HOWHOWHOW?”

My advice: Do 1 cm a day.

Now, I shall dive into my 3cm homework too. Since I touched nothing on Friday, I would need to work on 1.5cm a day. HAHA!

Always look on the bright side of life,

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