10 reasons to go to the ZOO

1. I miss Ah Meng, have not paid my respects for her.

2. The last time I went there was in Primary 2 where it was a school field trip.

3. When we grow up, we might no get the chance to go.

4. We needa experience our inner child. Thus on the same day we go to the zoo, she shall sit down and watch POKEMON!!!

5. The last time I went, the were cleaning the tiger cage, so I did not see a tiger. I WANT TO GO BACK AND SEE TIGERS!!!

6. Zoo poo is kinda stinky, I think Mas Selemat would not think of going to the zoo to bomb it. He needs to work under concentration

7. We would be safe from bird sh*t since we aren’t going to Jurong Bird Park

8. Night Safari is super ex, daytime zoo cheaper. We can save money.

9. Go up to tourists and create a good impression of Singaporeans on them so we will get to host Olympics 2020.


Always look on the bright side of life,


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