I think I am pms-ing. In the mood to emo and cry whilst listening to music and singing along.

Talking about singing, had choir today.
Met A LOT of new people with A LOT of new names to remember.

Had a tough time remembering all the names.
I had to search the whole cabinet of names in my mind to match the face.

JC life is not very hectic. YET.

OH YAH! I do not like the graphic caculator.
Spent 15 minutes with Hui Ling trying to get the caculator out of its packaging.
By the time we got it out, break was over and we did not study anything!!!


P.S. I miss the sun. Oh Mister Sun sun, Mister golden sun, PLEASE shine down on us!!!!
Lethargy has caught up with us.

Always look on the bright side of life,


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    Alynn said,

    Lucky you! I’m in a study-like-as-if-exam’s-tomorrow environment. So everyday is study mode for most of us. Who says Sa’s a play school! We’re hardworking too okay! Okay, maybe not as mugger as your school, but still…
    Stressful =(

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