Outing PLANS!

1. Go sentosa FLY KITE then go vivo WATCH MOVIE
2. Go zoo to take SPARSTIC PHOTOS and visit AH MENG’S GRAVE
3. Trespass into Serangoon North ABANDONED CAMPUS
4. Walking along SINGAPORE RIVER fron start till end.
5. Going to ECP to cycle and CHUI FENG at the jetty
6. Go to KBOX and SPAM + SING
7. Go back to PL to play BASKETBALL
8. Go to MACRITCHIE treetop walk to WALK then PICNIC at reservoir
10. Go SCIENCE CENTRE  to watch 3D movies
11. Go War memorial to visit the NOBLE PEOPLE
12. Go court room to listen to COURTS IN SESSION!

So fun!!! Please, if you are interested, sign up for any of the aboce. Looking for people to explore such places with me. 😀 It WILL BE SO FUNNN!!!

Always look on the bright side of life,

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  1. 1

    Judy said,

    Hello you BABA, i gave you the idea of playing bball in PL! But let’s go back! Ask Jenny too, then we can have fun, maybe can like study together too, ask me out okay! Tata! c:

  2. 2

    Nicole said,

    I wanna do number 1,2 and 12 with you!!! LOL. And A101 girls too of course.

  3. 3

    eileen said,

    ah. you damn lame. stop being so high. LOL. calm down a bit.. LOL. Too high already. I want to be in blue house. let’s change house. lol.

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