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Well done EXCO! Synapse ended on quite a high note last night and we loved it loads. You people are the best! WOHOOO! 3 cheers and 3 cheers and cheers for SYNAPSE! HIP HIP hurray! HIP HIP hurray! HIP HIP hurray!

Ohoh, for all those who are new to this, synapse is a one-day camp held by our school with ACS(B) as the co-host. It is a tradition to hold it every year. We invite leaders of other schools to our school for this event and have a time of bonding. YEAH!!!

SO! Synapse all the WAYYY!!! WOHOO!!!

Was only there at around 4.00 p.m. as we had cell before synapse. 😀

Also, all the photos that you are about to see are sources from 

FYI: This is Neopet no. 1’s shirt. haha.
This year’s shirt is so nice! Not saying that our year’s shirt is not nice but will you just look at this shirt? I want this shirt tooo…

After cell, Vanessa, Renee and I went to school to check out everything. At that point of time, they were still having mass games at the track and everyone was getting wet everywhere. SO, we stayed in the canteen to slack off and eat their left over from lunch food. Esther W was there since 1. And Serena was there since early morning.

Slacking off in the canteen
Renee Tan Does not know how to eat her ice pop and dripped the ice pop juice all over the table, she then left for her sister’s celebration dinner and that was the last we saw of her. Heeheehee…

Apparently, Renee is not the only one who does not know how to eat an ice-pop. Christabel from NATIONAL JUNIOR COLLEGE, one of the TOP 5 JCs in Singapore, does not know how to eat it as well. YEAH PPL! YOUR ANALOGICS HEAD OF 2007 DOES NOT KNOW HOW TO EAT ICE-POP! (hahaha…)

Moving on, people started flowing in, lizzie came and we took another exco 07 photo minus off Clara, Sherrie and Renee. Lina and Lai Theng came back as well to check out synapse.

Yeah! Almost happy Family!

Time flew and soon, it came the time for camp fire. CAMP FIRE’S BURNING NOW!!! BURN BURN BURN!!! Thank God for the great weather that day as we got to have a real fire and see stars at night since the sky was so clear.

People who were at synapse
Serena was grabbing onto her shirt as she was afraid that Christabel would do something to her. HAHA! It’s so her. Funny trait that will be remembered by all of us.

And Mrs Lee lights the CAMP FIRE!!!


Going back for synapse really brings back our memories for a lot of things. The times we spend together and the whole synapse that took place last year. SYNAPSE.COM – welding together as a whole to win. Through all these events, we have really learnt about working together as one.

Why do we love going back to school? Cause it is like a time capsule that keeps all our memories in its walls, when we go back, the memories will flood back. And we get reminded of the times that we spent together. The people especially! I love everything and everyone around me cause God placed me there.

M for MJC! HAHA!

Will my memories become blur? I don’t think so, cause I don’t want it to. And those who are around me do not want it that way as well. We will continue to meet up and we will enjoy the fellowship for the rest of our lives. CHEERS!

Exco 2007. Cheerios.
Of course, there are a lot of other people in PL too!
Choir comm, lunch gang, 4A2, Squatter.
Will talk about all of them! NO WORRIES!

Always look on the bright side of life,

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