Holidays *VOOM*

Yeah. In a blink of an eye, holidays are over. Monday was spent with EALIYN (go figure out) and we went to watch “leap years” where I LOVE THE THAI GUY. Tuesday was spent with CALISTO 1 and we went to watch “10 000 B.C.” where I LOVE STEVEN STRAIT. Wednesday was spent with EALIYN and we went to watch “Sky of love” where i LOVE THE LEAD GUY IN IT AS WELL!!!

Holiday list
1. Ananda Everingham (leap years)
2. Steven Strait
3. Haruma Miura (Sky of love)

Haha. I am the type that will just gush over someone and not go crazy over that person, not like EALIYN with their beloveds. Haha. They will just remain at the level where I gush about them. The only person that I have really been ultra super duper crazy over was Clay Aiken but people keep saying that he is gay. SO SAD!

Anyways, apart from movies. I went out for dinner with exco (minus serena with red eye and lizzie with at class sleepover). Initial plan of going to Singapore River was aborted because SOME DUDES don’t want to and also cause it was raining. SO, we went to vivo to chill. Series of events were quite funny.

Vanessa arrived at 4.50pm
I arrived at 5.05pm (Thus I am late since the meeting time was 5)
Renee arrived at 5.30pm
Tried calling Sherrie
Sherrie said that she was still at home. O.O
Sherrie came at 6.
Clara came at 6.30. O.O
Christabel 6.45

OHMYGAAA!!! Yeah. While waiting for people. Vanessa was using her suaku tourist camera to take pictures of us. And nobody was to touch her suaku tourist camera or else it would EXPLODE or IMPLODE thanks to violent chemical reactions.

Lunched with squatters on Friday. Met up with EALYIN before the whole thing as everyone else was late. What I meant by everyone else is Lin Yi and Joanne cause all the others could not make it. Sad case. Still, it was nice that we could catch up on such stuff and let them talk about guys while I sit there and stone cause there aren’t many guys in my class. Haha.

SO! For march HOLS, I speent time with the people who played a part in my life/are playing a part in my life. Apart from that, WE NEED TO ORGANIZE CHOIR COMM OUTING!!! MELISSA CHAN! WHERE ARE YOU!?!?!


Always look on the bright side of life,


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