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Don’t really have a specific something to blog about so I did not have a title and stuff. 😀

Anyways, SCHOOL STARTS AT 8.30AM tmr!!! So happy! 

Had choir till 7.35PM. By the time we stall and everything, I reached the bus stop at aroun 7.50PM. The power of stalling. Took bus and reached home at around 8.30PM liddate. Bathed and ate my dinner, by the time, it was 9.30PM. HAHA! YIPEE!!! Still quite HIGH!

Choir was quite fun. Got to know a lot of crazy people and stuff. Looking forward to tomorrow’s choir session+singing dumb songs session.

P.S. The singing dumb songs part is where we come together to sing childhood songs.

Haha. Talking about choir makes me miss PL choir. 4 years! These 4 years flew past like a wind. I still remember the days where we rehersed for the school musical is sec 1. The days we prepared for SYF in sec 2. The joy and tears when we got Gold that year. The days in which we started out journey as leaders. The disappointment when we got Silver if 2007 SYF. I really miss PL choir.

Beloveds minus off Sec 1s this year.
Acting lian WORHKXZSXZ!

I miss then and of course the committee but I realise that I don’t have a picture oh the whole comm together as just the comm. I LOVE ALL OF YOU!!!

Always look on the bright side of life,

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Yeah! I love this song! PLEASE PLEASE LISTEN TO IT!

Here is the music video of the song. Titled YOU AND ME by some unknown guy called June.  
As you can see the video, there is this big eyes guy who is not bad looking and stuff. Haha. Yeah. His name is Kento Hayashi and he is 17! Yeah, I think that he is very cute workhzsxszx! Haha.

Cried a lot towards the end of this video. Mostly due to the song.

It is a japanese song and here are the lyrics to the song.

JuneYou And Me
sunao na kimochi fuini kikareta
kayoi nareta kaerimichi
keredo omoi no tada hitostumo
ienai kurai bukiyou de

surechigau sono wakeni
yureru kono kokorowa kizukenakute

kitto kimiwa yasashisugita
boku ni kakushitsuzuketa namida
you and me.. demo koko kara inoru yo..
hitori sono atarashii shiawasewo

yamikumo na hibi tsumetai beddo ni taore
kono yoru ni omou
imagoro dokode dareno yumewo
anoitoshisade mitsumeteiru?
hitamukina sono munewa
kono boku no kotonado wasureteru ne?

kitto bokuga yowasugita
kimiwo mamoru jishinga nakute
oh you and me dakedo imamo kawarazu
kasukana hikari wo mitsume tsuzuketeru

tomadoi nagara hanasenai yume to
kimino me ga toikaketekuru
bokuwa doushitainda
hontou wa doushitainda?
imamo wakaranai yo

kitto kimiwa wakattetanda
atari ni kakerarenai mamano
for you and me
boku no tame ni eranda
sayonara sono yasashisawo wasurenai

for you and me
kono omoi dakewa tsutaetai
you and me
dakara bokuwa kesenai kimino kioku wo daite

If you LOVE THE SONG! I uploaded the song in the MYBOX thingy. Yeah. Please look to your right. You see that green box? YES YES? NO? Yeah, you can play the original soundtrack from the thingy. OH YAH! Please express your gratitude to MY SIS for downloading the song for me! LURBXZXSX EUUUX WORHKXSZX!

Hope you people like the song. 😀 I love it.

As much as it is in Jap, the music has already spoken the meaning and I don’t think that there is a need to look at the translation. SERIOUSLY!!! PLEASE GO LISTEN! I know how some of you will just skip it. PLEASE LISTEN TO IT!!! SUPER SUPER NICE!!!

Always look on the bright side of life,

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