Found this on youtube, uploaded by Maryanne. Found it on her blog also. HOW COME I HAVE NEVER SEEN THIS CLIP?


Last year, when we first moved into the new premis, the school bell wasn’t programmed properly and there were a lot of times when the fire alarm got set off accidentally. Fire drills are already in a sense “fake”, so we have a fake “fake” alarm set off at least 3 times everyday. So much so that we are immune to such a thing. When the real fire drill took place, we were telling ourselves that it was another fake bell. in the end, the whole school was scolded by Mdm Dhillion. 

Still remember the day when this happened, we were having physics as can be seen from the video as Mr. Low was standing there. Mr. Low did not seem to care much as he kinda knew that it was a fake fire drill. As all of us were “panicking”, he just said, “Do your work lah! You won’t die.”

Alynn was yelling, “Mr. LOW! You can’t do this to us!!! What if we die? WHAT IF WE GET BURNT ALIVE?” Of course, that was to spice up the already funny atmosphere. I was shouting, “The fire damn power, raining still can burn woah!” cause at that point of time, it was raining.

I miss my class a lot man. 😀

Always look on the bright side of life,


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