Little details

There are a lot of beautiful things around us that we do not notice. Things that seem to speack of a certain message. I have a feeling that I was slacking too much to notice this, but was drinking a cup of milo when I saw something very cute on the cup. It seems to tell me, DO YOUR ECONS!

Do you’ll see the sparstic face? The milo mark on the cup with the 2 blobs.
I present to you the DO YOUR ECONS face.

Could not go to church today as mum was in a very bad mood. Had to stay home to iron my uniform. Wonder what was shared today, seems so fun when they talked about all the tambourines and stuff. The face on the mug also says, “I should be in church.”

OH YAH. People who are going to see me tmr, you will see my tomato face, or if you have been saying that I look like a fishball, I will be a fishball with chilli sauce on me. Why? Cause I am burnt. Went with my sis on Thursday to check out a softball match. It was in the morning so the sun was bearing down on us. SUPER RED NOW CAN?!?!

Be bold, be strong
For the Lord thy God is with you.



Always look on the bright side of life,


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    Alynn. said,

    Hello Xioa Hui! Haha, so cute!

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