Have not been blogging for like the past week cause it has been quite hectic.
On Monday, had to stay back till 6.45 cause of trials. Studied after that till 7.30
On Tuesday, I had choir until 7.45
On Wednesday, had choir till 5.30, went dinner with choir friends.
On Thursday, stayed bacy for trials then went for dinner with Vanessa and Eileen till 8.

Friday and Saturday – CHOIR CAMP!

Enjoyed it a lot.

Went to school early in the morning to put down my baggage in the staff lounge. Had lessons after that till like 12.05. Friday is a day where our lessons end super early.

WAS SUPPOSED to go for science fiesta, but my class de people decided that they do not want to in the end cause none of us did anything for our different events. Decided in the very end that we shall just go eat ben & jerry’s ourselves if we really want to.

Movied in the library with Atiqah, Sarah and Brian. Watched some show called “ACCEPTED” which is really not bad. Went for camp after that.

Really want to post up some photos but I don’t know where to get any… SAD:(

BUT! Choir camp was really great fun, got to know more people and play more games and get closer to ppl. All the late night slacking and talking and playing and everything.

Memories I have of camp-
1. The <CORNFLAKE> sash that was made till 2am
2. Double wacko with SOUTHERN CLAN
3. Someone taking off someone’s shirt (Raises eyebrows)
4. Dinner and clearing up
5. Choir session where Mr. Kwei could not take our BO
6. Minutes to midnight with Zalena, Rebecca and Jeremy
7. Sudden stop to the games cause Charlotte fell down and got hurt.
8. Chaotic bath sessions
9. Watching sweeny todd with choir dudes and screaming over blood spurting scenes while the guys act cool by saying “WELL DONE!!”
10. Eating tibits and passing the packs around while watching the movie.
11. Escaping halfway through the movie cause we can’t take it.
12. Hung out with Lao Gong, Angelica, Pei Hsin, Zalena and jiejie.
13. Laughed over how jiejie tried to show off his packs when he had none.
14. BASICALLY, laughing.
15. Went back with laogong to watch the ending of the show.
16. Went up to our rooms after that to sleep.

17. Woke up and wahed up and assembled
18. Ate bananas (attempt to make us shit)
19. Played captain’s ball (three teams style) with different kinds of balls flying all over the place. The basketball, volleyball, Cabbage ball and Orange ball.
20. Smashed the cabbage and the Orange
21. Southern WON the game!!
22. Ate breakfast
23. Played this game called 123 jump
24. Lunch where something unpleasant happened in which I don’t really want to talk about.

25. Had mass flling up water bombs session in the toilets.
26. Got ready for war games, had to wear this “armour” thingy across our chest in which was named a “bikini” by ppl. -_-”’
27. Got all wet while playing war games.
28. Cleaned up, Wahed up, packed up and headed to choir room ro break camp.
29. Camp BROKEN!
30. Southern won the SPEED STONE!

Was supposed to dine with ppl at ikea but decieded not to in the end.


I really thank God for allowing me to be a part in this BIGBIG family.
Loving life!

Always look on the bright side of life,


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    Alynn said,

    Lol what trials you have?
    Glad you enjoyed yourself. =D

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