School agiean!

Monday blues have evolved into Monday darkblues.

Reasons for change
1) Monday’s super long day
2) Me sleeping late on sunday night/monday morning
3) Having to climb to the 4th floor for nearly all the lessons.
4) Having all subjects on this day.
5) Adding on to the intesity of “Monday blues”

There you have it. Monday dark blues. Super tired. Wanna sleep.

Something funny
Scene: Climbing stairs to get to PW session with Miss Sathya
Everyone: Mumble grumble mumble grumble
Me: This is like the 3rd time we are climbing this flight of stairs today.
Atiqah: <Constant laughing>
Joan: Yeahlah! Why can’t they put some of our lessons on the first floor?
Me: Dunno
Atiqah: <Constant laughing>
Joan: What does the school think we are? Tortoises arh! Can climb the stairs like free liddat…
In everyone’s mind: Why tortoise?
BReaks into laughter.

Something along this line lah. Not very sure of the exact words but this thingy sure brightened up my day. THANKS A LOT PEOPLE!

Always look on the bright side of life,


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