Movie marathon

GOAL of not sleeping: Failure

Watched 3 movies: Warlords, Secret, 200 pounds
Was watching Kungfu dunk… then I fell asleep
Woke up in time to watch CJ7, fell asleep again.

And these 2 movies are the movies that I want to watch the most.

And whilst sleeping, I left my specs on the floor,
and it got stepped on. -_-”’

I do know that the initial stage of my specs were already veli de bad,
but it is completly unwearable now…

Specs for the bigheaded monster

My head seems to have expanded very much in size.

Journey of my specs
1. Dropped into the waterfall in Kota Tingi during MEGA camp 2006. Had to trudge through the water to look for it. Found it while slipping and falling on it thus causing it to bend.
2. Got hit by the floorball in the face during PE in secondary school (I dunno how it flew). This caused one of the bridge thingys to fall off.
3. Got stepped on during movie marathon. – God’s signal for me to get new specs. SO, in a way, it is not a very bad thing. THanks for stepping on my specs.

TOMORROW is going to be a happy day for VANESSA 🙂

Always look on the bright side of life,


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