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My weekends ahead seems super packed.

Coming weekends,
TJC choir concert on friday night
MJC choir practice on saturday morning+afternoon
SAJC chinese orchestra concert on saturday night
Funfair thingy for Sunday (class thing)

Next week weekends
Friday anything on? – dunno
AJC choir concert on Sunday, Saturday defintiely got practice one…
Monday which is Vesak day got tpjc concert, should I go?
Vesak day daytime will be spent with squatters

Sigh… to put it simply, I DON’T HAVE TIME TO GO EAT MY ROTI PRATA!


I am XH, won’t you eat BANANA prata with me…

Always look on the bright side of life,

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Yesterday (saturday) was spent with choir from waking up at 6 till reaching home at 6.30…
Had this exchange programme thingy with this Malaysian choir and VJC choir.

Day started off with me meeting up with Zerlina and PH to go Macs for breakfast.
XH who lives in SK was early by 10 minutes and those 2 who live in tampines (we met up at the interchange) were late for 5 minutes. So I ended walking around place to explore. Cause this knowledge should be applicable in the future since a LOT of the ppl hang out with live in that area. The exploratation did not go anywhere since all the stores were still closed at like… 7.30AM.


Met up with them, had breakfast where Zer was used serious tones on not so serious convsations and PH shared about some thingys with us.

Took 10 to go meet up with Angelica… Had to alight from the bus while Jeremy boarded the bus cause Angelica wasn’t at the bus stop when she was supposed to be there. -_-”’

Took the next bus 10 where we met up with other bus 10 fellas.

Reached there at aroun 9, the thing was supposed to start at 9.30, so we slacked off for a while.

Choir started, we sang, they sang, everyone sang… VJ is very good.

Went for lunch where we cup-noodled at the pertol kiosk. While eating our noodles in the cup, we were suddenly aware that there is meepok sold somewhere dunno where. Sad…

Continued singing of lunching.

End of choir.

Went parkway with Zer, Geli and PH. Really want to thank them for cheering me up when I was feeling kinda down after something. THANKYOO ALLL!!! Really love yoo guys!! However, I had to leave earlier cause I was about to be slaughtered by my mom. So yeah. That kinda concludes my end of saturday.

– Great choir friends
– Great saturday

P.S. I miss cell and I missed cell.

Always look on the bright side of life,

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