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My voice getting higher pitched and higher pitched.
As in normal talking voice… -_-”’

Getting damn high these few days also…


Also, my mum is eating ice from the ice-tray and not refilling it. I have to keep on refilling it. It’s all thanks to the weather nowadays.

Everyone is vapourizing. Global warming is evident.

For some reason, I have a feeling that I forgot something important… Someone’s birthday?

Prayer list
– SACO concert (GO NESSA!)
– MJ choir de progress. (Work harder)
– All those taking SPA tmr
– TJC concert (So my $$$ is worth it)

P.S. I have not studied a single thing for maths test tmr. Am going to fail AGAIN.
P.S.S. YOU are not the best. – (shooting someone)

Always look on the bright side of life,

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In school :)

Am in school now.

I seriously spend like too much time in school… -_-”’

Coming friday is going to be chaotic… Lessons end at 12.05 but I still needa stay for econs make up tutorial at 2.30. After which, my class ppl going down to NJ to support our school boy’s soccer then after that still needa go for TJ choir concert at ACS(B)…


So many things lumped together…
What’s worse? next day still got choir early in the morning at siglap.

It is not the choir part that I am sad about, it is the I needa get up early part.

After choir still need to go for SACO concert. Which means I need to meet up with Christabel earlier to buy ______ for ______. And maybe meet for dinner? Not sure myself

OH YAH! Alynn TAN! Joining us or not?

Sunday is like rest day! Finally.


There are a lot of things in life worth living for. It does not mean that
failing in a relationship means the end of life,
it does not mean that failing a test of subject means the end of life
it does not mean that failing in getting into a place that you want to be in means failing in life.

Sure we have dreams and goals in life, however, should  get all depressed about not getting what we want? Should we feel lousy about how others are better?

In different areas, there are always people who are better and smarter than you, but there are also areas in which you are better and smarter in. It does not mean that failing in this step would mean that you are lousy. THAT IS A BIG NONO.

Look at Issac Newton, he sat on the egg to see whether he can lay they egg. That is dumbness as perceived by people. The famous sitting under the tree and wondering “Why do apples fall from trees?” is not very smart as well. But he still went on with life and became a historical character in which we know of today.

We should never feel lousy about ourselves just by waht people say of you and what you think of yourself. Cause A LOT of different people have different kinds of expectations. I expect you to be nice as a class chair, I expect you to be strict as a class chair, I expect you this… I expect you that… If our life long ambition is to live up to everyone’s expectations, that is not at all possible. And in a way, you will become very unhappy too.

Just some random thoughts while I was thinking (not emoing)

Always look on the bright side of life,

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