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Was blog-surfing MJ-ians de blogs when I came across this person’s blog WHO KNOWS KRISTLE! OHMEGAA!!! WE ARE ALL INTERLINKED. Shall ask that person later about Kristle. Since it is already 2a.m. (:

P.S. I still needa do GPP

Always look on the bright side of life,

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Friday was one long day. Going for choir after school and then TJ concert after that. Did not get to eat my beloved roti prata in the end as Bin was ill and I reached home veli late.

Slept at like 3a.m.

Woke up at 6a.m. on Saturday cause wanted to meeted up with people to go breakfast together, in the end PH was sick then we cancelled off the breakfast plan. Met up with Geli at 8.30 a.m. liddat to go to the place. SIGLAP SOUTH CC. Going to be my 6th home soon.

Forgot to mention
First home – Sengkang
Second home – Hougang
Third home – Serengoon
Fourth home – Pasir RIs
Fifth home – Tampines
Sixth home – SIGLAP SOUTH CC

On the way there, Geli and I passed PONG PONG trees.
Xh: How come the scenray different from last week… So weird…
Geli: It’s the same LAH
Xh: Where got! Last week got buildings, now only got trees.
Geli: You looking out from a different SIDE LAH.

THanks for the smartness man Geli. 🙂

Anyway, choir practice was kinda -_-”’ as PH and Zer were not there. Was not as high as usual. Auditions did not go as well also as I could not maintain my serious composure whilst singing. Was trembling for shower cause the line VELI LONG and I did not have enough breath to SUSTAIN the WHOLLLLE THING.

NEHMIND LAH! It’s over.

OHOH, Sorry, Siglap South CC shall be my 7th home as I forgot that Ikea is my 6th home. So yeah. On another frequency, I think I spend more time in Pasir Ris than I do in Sengkang now…


Dined with Alynn and caught up with a lot of stuff. Really miss everyone. Did not realise how much I missed everyone until I saw her. REally miss the times that we spent together in PL. As much as sec 4 year was not very pleasant, we still loved the company of friends the same.

Koba’ded with Alynn as I found out more about her SC and stuff. Doing well yo! Hope to see you in the exco in SASC!

Met up with Xbel at potong pasir. Felt super under-dressed cause I was wearing FBTs and my choir shirt cause no time to go home and change. Nehmind, got another suku malu person with me who wore FBTs with her veli strinking lime green tee. People want to look also look at her. HAHA. (:

The concert ran quite smoothly although there were some minor hiccups here and there during the performances. STILL, by God’s grace, everything ended with a round fullstop. HOW NOW BROWN COW. Cause after this concert, I needa keep in prayer of the AJC concert.

Obviously… -.-
I hope you got a little embarrased when we shouted your name cause that is our rationale for shouting so loudly. haha. No lah, to give you support as well.

Supper’ded with Xbel, Nessa, Rachel and en mei + joining us after TJ ban concert the lizzie. Felt a little left out while they were talking about SC. FORGOT TO MENTION, XBEL, LIZZIE and ALYNN ARE ALL IN SC! AND LIZZIE IS THE HOUSE CAP! Really proud  of all of them. Hoping that things will be able to run smoothly for all of them.


Prayer list
– PH de voice
– All my successful friends
– AJ concert coming SUNDAY
– Health of friend
– Health of friend’s kin
– Mental health of 2 friends
– I will be able to go for at least 1 cell session after concert and before competition.

P.S. I miss cell and I want to eat ROTI PRATA!

Always look on the bright side of life,

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