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People change :)

I have to accept the fact the people change, even I change.

For the better or for the worse, the person himself/herself will never know. We will never know whether or not we changed until someone comes face to face to tell us, “YOU CHANGED”.

But the fact here now is that you changed. A LOT.

More than what I can expect.

Surprisingly, someone in whom I thought has changed did not really change in the way she treats her friends, but you… Words fail me.

As quoted from Joan again, (Sorry to keep using it) “What to do?”

As simple as stated, people change and there is nothing that I will be able to do about you. You might not even know whether or not I am talking about you.

I am very sarcastic.


But that is who I am for now, maybe I am the one who has changed.


OMEGAA, I sound so emo can… So not me…

A man walked into a bar, he exclaimed, “OUCH!!!”

Hurhhurhhurh… Joke told to me on the number 10 bus. This joke came from the R21 jokebook Nigel who knows nothing but sick jokes. This is probably the only joke that is not sick.

Hope you will understand what people around you are feeling.

Always look on the bright side of life,

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On a VERY HOT DAY where I was going to vapurize into thin air. An opportunity presented itself for me to spend $1.50 on this appealing looking ROYAL MILK TEA. At first glance, I thought that it was a COLD drink for the poor soul melting. Who knows, after it came out from the stopid vending machine, it was boiling hot.

I feel so cheated.

And on an eventful night where we went for dinner after choir. I think it was a Friday… Ph and Geli bought their Jellies after a meal. As you can see poor little jelly fell on the floor. And the randomness in me urged me to take a photo of it.

You will always remain in my heart jelly…
But not in my brain so I won’t think of you.

Burping session after drinking the coke. PH was in a hurry to leave so she was carrying her bag. Interesting trend in MJ – a lot of people put their hairbands round their necks.

Got hair at your neck arh?
Or did you buy a neckband?

It’s making me put my hairband round my neck too… -_-”’

Olomouc competition is approaching…

8 days left before we fly off…

Always look on the bright side of life,

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