I know my handwriting is kinda bad but who cares lah! 🙂

Went out for lunch with my mum to Heartland mall.
Met part of the ’08 EXCO at koba discussing about *ahem*

Thereafter, we went to buy clothes for the olomouc trip.
While buying, Eileen the great called me on the phone to ask me out.

Let me re-enact the scene.
XH troubles her mum to hold her handphone while she looks for suitable clothes.
Her mum takes the phone and waits.
Eileen calls at this instant.
The phone rings with the “wei shen me” ring tone.
XH’s mum is embarrassed and calls out to XH to answer the phone.
XH comes to the phone, people are staring,
Her mum says, “Your phone damn noisy can…”


After buying the clothes, my mum decided to go buy a suitcase, in which she dragged home after that. I feel kinda bad and offered to be the one to drag it back but she insisted on bringing it home first. HOW MAN!!! COME ON PEOPLE! MY MUM DAMN COOL RIGHT?? Jealous…

So,met up with Eileen and went back to PL to get out graduating cert and say “hi” to Ms Gan. Cert wasn’t ready, Ms Gan wasn’t there. WASTED TRIP…

But I managed to vandalise the choir board!

hurhurhur… 😀

I kinda miss the feeling of walking through the school and the corridors. As much as I do not really like the new compound, every step in PL brings out a tinge of memory.

The PL musical is coming up worhzsx! Work hard CHOIR! You can do it!

Let love and faithfulness never leave you; bind them around your neck, write them on the tablet of your heart.Proverbs 3:3

Let us be one voice
That glorifies Your name
Let us be one voice
Declaring that You reign
Let us be one voice
In love and harmony
And we pray O Lord
Grant us Unity

Always look on the bright side of life,


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