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I am finally back after 8 days in Olomouc and follwing few days of slacking.
We took back a total of 2 gold awards, of which one isย the category champion. Got into the grand finals and got placed 2nd, as much as the first was very far ahead from us.

However, in this whole trip, it was the people and all the happenings that got me to love choir even more. All the memories that was built in Olomouc will never be forgotten. Winning was of course the cherriy on top of the icing. But the icing was made by every single person in choir. AND 10 YEARS DOWN THE ROAD, I WILL ALWAYS REMEMBER THIS VERY TRIP!!! AND EVERYONE In CHOIR!!!

I sound like I am leaving choir… hurhur…

And as the words go that a picture speaks a thousand words. I shall let the pctures speack for itself. Vanessa, sorry to let you wait. hurhurhur….

Dining before the trip with Dad and Mom

Meeting up with gang as they wanted to send me off. So sweet…
But they also wanted to check out mou mou ren in my choir… -_-
Nevertheless, I still appreaciated their appearance a lotttttt.

From left, me, Eileen, Vanessa and Lizzie (whose face is the BIGGEST)

Madness on the skytrain…

Camwhoring with my camera when I wasn’t around… -_-”’

They left in a while after getting to see mou mou ren cause it was getting late and they had to head home. But before they headed home, they prayed a prayer for me… Thanks a lot. You guys coming down meant a lot to me. (:

My sister too rushed down from work to join my parents to send me off

Min was working so she wasn’t here, but she already wished me bon voyage before the trip. hurhurhur…

Following which are all photos from thr trip. ๐Ÿ˜€

From left, Jelly, PH, me and Sandy (: In the airport…

EVERYBODY SMILE!!! Marianne was the one who took the photo.

Singing Luk luk before we fly off

Gambatte gambatte MJ MJ Gabatte gambatte MJ MJ!!!! MJC!!!

Camwhoring in the Airport… (:ย  While waiting for the plane.

Multi-shot Magic where everybody is kinda moving… Kinda…

Letter from Nessa, THANKYOU SOOO MUCHH!!!


Tuck Heng was sitting next to me on the plane (:

BEOOOTIFUL SUNSET that was caught on the plane.

Transit was at DUBAI… While waiting…

Everyone looks unglam and tired cause it was 3+am…. hur…

Fun with multi-shot again, cheers to the NERD SPECS!!!!ย  HURRAY!!!

And the lucky Bernice who got to sit next to me for both flights. (:


On the journey… THERE IS AN IKEA THERE TOOO!!!!


Finally, arrival in the hotel which was 4+pm. Everyone had very little sleep and was tired, thus, we retired early after dinner. First meal we had in Olomouc…

DAY 2!!!!

What I wake up to in the mornings. (:

Remembering the constant shouting out of the windows to Jelly and PH to get them to hurry up and constant shouting up from the guys to tell us to keep quiet and use the phone…



Random shots in the morning before our concert marathon. (:

After the concert marathon, we went to this cathdral thing that was very beoooootifulll. Random shots of the artefact again. (:


My supposed twin, Evangeline, and I

Jing yi and I

Near farrrr…. WHereever you areeeee….


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1st JUNE


Went for service today. ๐Ÿ˜€

Met up with Vanessa and Eileen at Eileen de house de VOID DECK and she wasLATE!!! Thus, while waiting for her, Vanessa started to explore the possibilities of my new camera….

I have not taken any pictures with the camera and there she is snapping away when I was talking on the phone… Eileen made her arrival and Vanessa continued snapping away…

As can be seen…

Anyways, as we journey to Changi AIRPORT to have our lunch…

We were later joined by mosterous lizzie as we moved for service…

When we stepped into service today, I nearly cried. Really miss the feeling of everyone coming together under one roof to sing praises to God. Was really overwhelmed. I miss church and cell and everyone so much…

Service was quite chim… I have to confess that halfway through service, tiredness caught up with me and I was yawning half the time… But one thing that I remember from it was “there is a fixed point in yout life” and that is GOD! Truly and wonderfuly, as much as some things happened to me that did not go as I wanted it… but a lot of things would not happen the way you want it. All we need to remember is that God will never forsake you and he has made plans for you all the way till you die. Great plans! Thus we have to believe in wahtever downfalls in our lives that it was placed there for a reason.

After service and cell, I went to changi airport once again to meet up with PH + Geli + someone so supposedly study. Why I say supposedly is cause when I reached there, they decided that they were going to leave… -_-”’

The trio that was with me in church was nice enough to follow me to the airport. But they got lost after that looking for the bus stop… -_-… My friends are bad in their sense of direction… hurhur…

As PH feels that she looks very ugly in the photos… I shall not post up any of the stuudying photos… It’s also cause the someone mentioned earlier does not want anyone to see his face. So yeah…

Great day with great company ๐Ÿ˜€

God has blessed me with great friends in my life. ๐Ÿ™‚

Always look on the bright side of life,

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