YEah, something happened to me on the bus…

Was on the bus 27 which is SUPER crowded.

Thus, I had to take my place in the bus standing. And I was near the alighting door.

I wanted to grab on to a pole to stabalize myself. But there was this STOOOPID guy leaning against the pole and PDAing with his female partner… -.- Thus, I had to hold on to the bin where you throw your used tickets. You know? THat bin thingy, at the exit…

So I was holding on to the bin, just then, the bus suddenly braked.

I know, you are guessing that I fell or something, but NO!

On a contrary, I tugged the bin so hard that the whole thing came out and all the used tickets/tissue paper/ rubbish/blahblahblah… scattered on the ground.

So when the bus stopped, I was holding the bin with my hand…

Heng my stop is 1 stop after this incident, so I just hooked the bin back to its nail and alighted at the next stop…

My sis said that this is a good STOMP story… -.-

Always look on the bright side of life,

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