Missing you…

I miss my secondary school life all of a sudden…

Maybe cause somewhere deep inside me I was looking forward to the class outing tmr… But now it was kinda postponed… I miss the times we spent together as a class…

Come to think of it, my life has been filled with accidents. Accidents that made me who I am  today. Accidents not in the bad sense but in the good sense.

Primary school was quite a blur, let’s not look into that. Haha.
After I got my PSLE results, I wanted to get into Cedar and thought that I will get into Cedar. Thus I randomly chose a school to place as my second choice. That school is none other than PL.

At that point of time, I was quite disappointed, cause I wanted to get into Cedar quite badly. But then, being myself, I was lazy to go appeal and stuff. So i just went on with my life in PL thinking that what is meant to be is meant to be.

And true enough, I enjoyed my 4 years in PL.  PL might not be the best school in Singapore, but it will always remain as the best school in my heart.
The friends that I made there are for life.
The experiences that I had there are for life.

Going down memory lane…
Sec 1: Was quite a blur… Most significant eventin my life is probably getting into PB and participating in the 2004 PL musical. Choir and PB played such important roles in my secondary schoo life and this is where I began.

Sec 2: Where choir managed to get a GOLD for SYF for the first time. I still remember crying and jumping for joy at that very moment. I screamed so much that I lost my voice and I cried till my eyes were puffy. I can’t tell you how happy I was at that instant…
Also, Kunimng CIP trip, where I got to ecperience God for the first time. Got to know Eileen from there.

Sec 3: Hectic year where we start to assume responsibilities. But the highlight is probably 3A2! Got into the same class as Alynn, Lizzie, Kristle, Lin Yi, Joanne, Jia Yan, Char Seow and Michelle + Jessica (in austriallia now). And got close to them, forming what we call squatters today. And espically Alynn, though I knew her from choir, I never really got to the chance to know as in know her.
Music marathon, 90 hours of music making that got our school into the book of records. The various number of outings. Winning volleyball… All the memories built in sec 3 with the class and squatters.
Got into the exco for PB and choir, another 2 groups of people that impacted my life A LOT. Got to know more about people like Melissa Chan, and of course all the exco members.
Mr Jusof’s departure from PL choir… And the changing of conductors.

Sec 4: Went through a lot of changes. There are too many things that happened on this year, that if I type out what I want to say, This post will be longer that all my posts in this blog combined. Funfair… teacher’s day… SYF 2007… choir farewell… I miss everything.


Throughout the sec 3 and 4 years… the number of events that we handled: P6 camp, First day of school, Decorating the PB room, Painting the PB room, Installation, synapse… … all the way to graduation service. I enjoyed my journey with the PLPB exco very much.

Choir comm, we went through the bad times and also the good times… You know what I mean by bad times, and by good times, choir camp, Practices, Kaleidescope, Symphony of praise and everything. I really miss those singing times (WHEN I WAS STILL IN ALTO 2) and the joking about and everything.

To Eileen, Alynn, Vanessa, Lizzie… (Basically, lunch gang)
There might be times now that I don’t really keep in contact with you guys and stuff. But I will never ever ever disregard you guys as friends. And I say this statement acrossmy heart. I am sorry if for any reason I gave you the feeling that I do not want to continue with this friendship after JC, but I will never EVER feel this way. But you guys are the truest friends that I have ever made, I won’t throw it away so easily. Not chatting does not mean that I don’t think you are important. Your place in my heart will always be there cause you have earned it. So please… don’t feel like we are drifting apart. For I am still me and you are still you.

As life moves on, I want to continue remembering all these things. I want to think of it once in a while and feel comforted and lucky.

For you can take me out of PL, but never PL out of me.

Always look on the bright side of life,

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  1. 1

    Nessa said,

    A friendship built around God is a strong standing one, I believe in that and believe in you too 🙂

    Thank you for that dedication, I miss working with the Exco in school functions very, very much but I know that all of us will always be behind and beside each other 🙂

    God bless (L)

  2. 2

    Alynn. said,

    Glad to know that you still remember us. It feels good to be remembered, really. Take care & was there a class outing today, or there wasn’t? =/
    You want the badge? I haven’t counted your order since you didn’t EMAIL me –” Hope to see you soon. Miss studying at compass point with you, haha!
    It’s been at least 3-5 months since I last went there.

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