Olympics + Day ahead

Woke up at 7 to attempt to study (note the word ATTEMPT) cause day ahead is going to be quite packed. Going to expo to meet up with cell mates for cell and lunch. Meeting up with Eileen +Vanessa earlier to go there together. Therefter, PH offered to drive me down (okay, not her, her father) to the concert place where we are meeting up with the [D.B.S.] people to go watch MARIANNE PERFORM!!! ALL THE BEST YOOO!!!

Stayed up till around 1 watching olympics. At 10.30, it was the 100m men’s finals where Usain Bolt won. He ish cool de.

Yep… Towards the end he can still flap his hands and hit his chest and break world record. Such people are meant to be irritated by. -.- Like make things look so easy liddat when people are trying damn hard and the veins are popping out of their heads. But he ish still cool. haha.

And Michael Phelps won his 7th gold medal. -.- These humans are crazy yo… They have really went beyond the limit of others to achieve soooo much.

Was telling people how ironic it seems, Phelps by himself can win 7 golds (so far) and Singapore women’s team is trying to fight for 1 gold medal. Tao Li who managed to get into the finals got her own advertisment. People like Phelps should give out his medals to the needy like Singapore. Or Singapore should import people like Phelps. So we can sweep the medals. Hurhur…

Either ways, all the best to the Singapore team!! Wohoo!
Waves flag and dances about. YOU CAN DO IT!!!!

P.S. Yeah, Alynn, I want the badge 🙂

Always look on the bright side of life,

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