Funny guy

Went to Tampines century square today with Bin to get my fixed phone. I TELL YOU ARH! A week without phone is quite unbearable. I amm uncontactable by humans, no music when I go to school/go home…

Either ways, today the rain was quite heavy and we were caught in the rain. Luckily, mum got us to bring umbrella, so we brought our umbrella, did not get very wet.


This guy very poor thing…

He was standing in the heavy + cold rain waiting for a cab but then no cab came for like 5 minutes. Bin and I came up with reasons of why the guy could not get cabs and why he so suay.

1) It was a rainy day, the cab might not be able to see him.
2) The cab might not want to entertain him cause he is wet.

Okay, we didn’t come up with much reasons. But don’t you think he very poor thing? What’s more, there was shelter super near by, why didn’t he just go into the shelter. Bin told me, it’s cause he is not Singporean, cause Singaporeans would never do this to themselves.

But please be a little smarter leh… -.-”’

P.S. Long day ahead tmr, shall chiong sua maths later.

Always look on the bright side of life,

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