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Very sorry I have been MIA for the past dunno how mnay days. Have been MIA so much that it is now NOVEMBER!!! I love NOVEMBER SO MUCH!!! I dunno why. Heehee… Thank God for bringing me through my past month of hiongness.

October was like bustling with activities, and november will be filled with them too. It is as if we are going on a train that never stops even though the holidays are here. However, one good thing is that there is no more school and we do not have to spend time in school therefore spending the extra time on other stuff and sacrificing sleep. I have been sleeping A LOT these few days.


Let me give a brief summary of october.
There was open house be be busy with, thereafter this performance on 11th october at raffles hotel jubillee hall.  The sundays were packed with carolling practices for the upcoming performance on 21st December. DOUBLE-EEWWWW URRRRRHHHH hiongness intersperced with these things, so I had no sleep for dunno how many nights and fell sick after we submitted the WR.

WHOA! And I survived and  alive and kicking. How is that possible? Really by God’s grace. Whoohoo!



And now, I shall embrace November and wahtever there is to come. Good things and bad things blahblahblah.


This week was all choir OP choir OP choir OP, but poof! In came this outing with Alynn and Vanessa!

As what Alynn mentioned on her blog, we were laughing at all the sad parts of the movie, not that it is ridiculous. But the 3 of us are not able to handle cheezy drama and lines. And we ended up laughing at every single part.

There was this part that particularly left an impression on me cause it was a raining scene and the people fighting had to hold umbrellas. -.-

But, it was a great time spent with them, though the bus journey was superbly long. Didn’t regret going for the movie outing.

Peektures are at ALYNN TAN’s blog! Ha.


DON’T STRESS about this kind of people. As long as you stick to your morals and principals of the way in life and we are all in support of you. There is no reason why they should say anything about you if you DID NOT DO ANYTHING.

Ultimately, the main thing is, the world views you in a lot of different ways that you don’t know which way to live according to. But one thing is certai. If you live your life according to God’s purpose for you, you would not falter. 

Talk to her if you get the chance. WE ARE ALL BEHIND YOU HORH!!!!


Always look on the bright side of life,

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