Humans are weird

I think humans are weird. We always like to make simple things complicated. I think there a lot of times, the problems in which we encounter is only extablised on the basis of thinking to much. Not saying that I am not human also, I am an human too, so I am also weird.

Yep. Things are simple.

AND, I stick by my point that there are a lot of interesting things around that we have to observe to see.

yep… 🙂

Was out with Jelly, Zer, Ph and Martin on the bus 27 I think.


Sunday’s choir practice was quite fruitful, got to know more people is one thing. But I think I am a noisy gal, so there were people irritated with me and stuff. Shall try my best to tone down a little. But I am being myself… So yeah. -.-

Always look on the bright side of life,

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