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LEctures and more lectures

This whole week was filled with lectures. Monday was Maths followed by chem (which I am not involved in but was just waiting for humans), did not learn anything. Merely copied down whatever that was said. I felt like I was going through the lecturer’s inner thoughts cause he was not at teaching at all but recting out all the steps. -.-

Tuesday was Econs, than lit, than choir. Whoot!
Wednesday nothing, than choir. But met up with Sandy earlier to jog.
Thursday was maths than econs.

And it was this day which PH and I decided that we shall not listen to the lecture and start doing rubbish stuff at the back of the LT. And JELLY was absent cause she was lazy to come.

Yep. This was how bored we were. We were drawing rubbish thingys.

Friday was lit, followed by sakaeing with Nicole, Joan and PH again (Like see her everyday liddat)
One thing is, I missed the lesson on friday cause I overslept to 8.30am…

Oh wells. this concludes the whole week of lecture and I shall stt mugging and playing. And going for choir.


Always look on thr bright side of life,

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