As in continue to blog about my last month in 2008. πŸ™‚

Some random bus that we got on after choir practice (for the tkss performance) The bus de seats very comfortable.

Went to PS to meet bin on this day as well. Where we ate fish and co. (YAY) and we went back to sengkang compass point where she bought me a red guitar (YAY MORE!)

Next thing I know. It was 30th November. πŸ™‚

It was a SUNDAY. Had carolling practice in the afternoon where PH and Evan+her brother surprised me with a cake. Steph yeo too gave me this tortoise keychain as a bdae present. Very touched. SERIOUSLY DAMN TOUCHED.

The action then moved back home where my relatives came over and sort of “celebrated” my bdae for me. Yep. Thanks so much!

Following 30th November is 1st December. The TKSS concert.
And I suppose the happiest day of my year.




These humans came all the way to my house before I was about to leave to surprise me with 17 smiley faced balloons. It was really OMG. REally didn’t expect it and stuff. Was SUPER DUPER UBER TOUCHED by it. There was also this hand sewn smiley faced CUSHION and a smiley faced magic 8 ball. This collage of photos in which they created with touching messages in it. Reindeer antlers. WAHHH. I WAS SO TOUCHED!

Seriously, to jelly, ph, zer, sandy, marianne, martin. THANKS SO MUCH!!!

The concert following that went well. I am not very sure but should be that case la. Cause I was feeling good after the performance.Β  Here are some sneek peeks of our camwhoring moments.

dscn0366Who is the Ah lian now, jelly?



Following 1st Dec. An outing with Vanessa and Eileen. πŸ™‚ Where Eileen gave me this Tortoise filled phone strap as a bdae gift. Had a really great time catching up of stuff. SO YAY you the dinner outing!


Went over to Jelly’s house before we went off to batam cause we were bored. played the game of life where I was loaded with a truckful of kids. Yep. Check it out. dscn0371


FOLLOWING WHICH! OFF TO BATAM!!! (Photo credits go to Sandy)
Batam was really great fun, really found the time to bond with people and stuff. Not as good as the Olomouc trip la obviously. But it was still great fun. Here is a SNEAK PEEK.


dsc06128YAY!!! After performance photo as a CHOIR!!! I am proud of everyone who sang so much until they lost their voice. Not saying that it is good la. Just that can see your efforts. And why do the guys look so ahbeng in the photo? I have no idea.



Yep! Gayness and Fun-ness! πŸ˜€

Came back from Batam, had to start preparation of food for the Choir chalet. Didn’t really take a lot of photos at choir chalet cause ppl like sandy, jelly and zer werent really there all the time. The only person I had was ph and probably evan on the second night. So didn’t take photos… -.-
Want the photos have to get from wahtat i think. This is all I have…

That’s quite abit of information for now. Will continue on with the Christams part in the next post. If not information overload. You have to understand, I didn’t blog for how long liao… -.-

Always look on the bright side of life,


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    Nessa said,

    You have very nice photographs!! :DD

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