For some reason, I could not open my winzip folder, thus, I had to cope this photo from Vanessa’s blog. But whatever it is now, HAPPY BDAE MISS GAN!


It hasn’t been long since we last met. The last time we met up was 20th November. And it wasn’t really full force cause lizzie came later and Christabel and I had to leave soon after she came. But today was different. EVERYONE WAS HERE! Though I was very late cause I had to go buy the stuff. -.-

A great afternoon spent. BUT once again, I AM NOT STUDYING! I should be studying…

And I didn’t realise how much I missed PL choir until I went back yesterday. After going back yesterday, I told myself that I would go into teaching after I graduate from uni. I will go back to PL to teach. And I want to be a choir teacher in-charge. YEP! Sounding good.

In a sense, I get to serve near God and I get to do what I like and be in a place I love. Triple YAYNESS! Shall work towards this goal.

P.S. I have 2 pimples growing out from my face and I feel damn disgusted with it. -.- WAHH!!! I hope they disappear soon.

Always look on the bright side of life,


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