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I know there was a lot of talk about Susan Boyle and stuff. I respect her a lot, but I didn’t think she was that good that she will win. Sure she is a nice person and has a great story for winning. But I liked Diversity A LOT LOT MORE! And I still love Susan Boyle for who she is.


Having talent is one thing, working hard for it is really another. I know they might not be the best dancers, but they put in a lot of hard work into choreographing for the dance and practicing it to near perfection. I LOVE LOVE LOVE them!!!

This show is ultimately supposed to find an act that can perform in front of the queen at the royal variety performance, and I think they really nailed the word VARIETY.


Always look on the bright side of life,

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Strive for improvement?

HAHA! So GPish… -.- But I have really been thinking.

Those who know this will know what I am talking about la. Haha.

The choir is not about you. It’s about a group of people striving to do well to get what they want. But what are you doing? You seem to think that you are the choir and that you can make all the decisions for choir so much so that you do not have to ask them about their wishes and thoughts. YOU ARE REALLY SELFISH DO YOU KNOW THAT.

Like 3 years ago, where you cared nothing about what we thought and changed what ever you wanted to change on your own accord. Do you even know how tough it was to cope with YOUR changes? I really pity anyone who has to be under YOU. Cause I might have said this jokingly to others before, but for you I mean it seriously. You SUCK!


And I really pray for the day where God will let you see what mistake you have made or just change the person in charge.

I can’t believe you still have the guts to tell us that it is all for our own good. Is it not for your own good so that you can have the “best CCA” in this school? Since when have you thought for choir. As in really welfare of choir. Ask yourself who in this world changes (subject) 3 times in 4 years! ONLY YOU!

Cause you think the whole world revolves around you. Since the choir is yours you can do whatever you want with it.

One step at a time please. You want to take leaps just liddat. Continue to dream on man.

You will just make the choir members suffer.


Poor choir.

Always look on the bright side of life,

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Yeah, feeling super feverish. Started from friday afternoon.
Reached home after lunching with dudes (zer, ph, jelly, jude, jy, edwin, jolyn) and slept like what I was planning to do. Woke up with a headache and feeling giddy so I went to take my temperature. FEVAHHHH…

Ate dinner, took panadol and went to sleep.

Woke up the next morning feeling better and was forced to go for SRP. -.- Felt damn horrible after SRP so went home to rest, who knows, FEVAHHHHH again. I did feel better at night as I took panadol again. But in the middle of the night,it came back again.

Today, felt okay in the morning and afternoon, towards evening, FEVAAAAHHHH again and I took panadol and now I am feeling better.

Vicious cycle…

And I don’t want to take mc tmr cause tmr is the soccer finals. Better be a good game if not my tolerence is like wasted.

Always look on the bright side of life,

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Sorry ah, add something. :D



Always look on the bright side of life,

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I blog like super rarely now… So I must tell myself to blog more.


My recent craze for Danny GOKEYYYYY!!!! 😀

Still think that he should have won. I love him a lot a lot and he will still be my number 1 ever though a lot of ppl keep saying that he capitalises on the fact about his dead wife.


Met up with Alynn and Carolyn (Saw this girl quite a lot of times thanks to choir) recently to realise that it’s been 1 yr plus since I left the sheltering walls of PL.

The longing feeling to be back in PL is long gone. Not to say that I don’t miss it anymore, it’s just different. Maybe cause my life is still filled with MJ and the friends in MJ now that I do not long to be back in PL. Just that I miss it once in a while, being in a pinafore and chilling with PL friends.

And now, as the year is coming to a close soon, I do realise that A levels is drawing near, but it is hard not to realise that this time with your MJ friends is coming to an end as well. Friends are for life though. But things will just seem different.

What’s more, you look at the new batch of J1s and you go (sian ji pua) cause time will not turn back anymore and you are now a j2. The angst that we had in sec 4 that is channelled to the rest of the levels are equally spread out to the 3 levels. We felt like we had the rights to be angry at them cause we are having Os. Now it’s worse don’t you think, cause now, there is only 1 group of ppl to be unhappy with and that is the J1s!!! Pardon our angst J1s, it’s a natural cycle.

I should not be procrastinating heh…

State of mind: Worried + sian

Always look on the bright side of life,

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YEAP! MJ choir got GWH!!!


In cloud 9 I tell you. The moment when they announce it.
It was the moment of shock+disbelief+joy —> SCREAMMMM
Followed by thanks+gratitude+satisfaction+it’s over —–> CRYYYYY

Really a mix of emotions at that point of time, was crying+screaming+laughing at the same time so much so that I sounded like some weird person.

I never intended to go MJ
I never intended to join choir
and now, everything is just falling into place soooo much that I can do nothing but thank God for his greatness.

The moment where we won brought me to think back on how PL choir got gold for the first ever time in 2005. Right back when I was in sec 2. The moment the woman announced, Paya Lebar Methodist Girls’ School Choir, GOLD, I was really screaming and jumping and crying.

Never had I imagined that there would come a day where Gold with honours is achievable.


Always look on the bright side of life,

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Woke up at like 5a.m. this morning so that I can get myself ready to sing. SYF is in less then 7 hours time. 😀

When I woke up this morning and looked at my phone, I received 2 messages, 1 fron andrea and 1 from my sis. Ms Gan did send a message the night before to encourage me about SYF. SO THANKS TO ALL THESE PPL.

But that is not the point for now, but really how my sister’s message unclogged my mind.

“Don’t let the idea of conpetition hinder you”

How many times have we done that?

How many stupid times have we done that…

We aim for that gwh so much that we forget the true meaning of why we joined, or at least, I joined the CCA in the first place. It was because I love to sing, and till now, there is still no doubt about that.

But along the way, as the word SYF and various competitions come up, you just forget about the passion that you once had for singing. Cause these things clog up your mind.

In secondary school, when I joined choir, I still remember the stupid reason I wrote down on my piece of paper on why I wanted to join choir, “I love to sing”.

And true enough, I do. And because of that, life in choir has been more than enjoyable cause I was doing something I love. But along the way, fatique sets in, and this love grew dormant.

The idea of competition seemed to overwrite passion.

But now, after reading the message, it kind of rekindled my passion abit, touched me in every aspect the message possibly could.

Let me forget SYF and just sing later. 🙂

Await my good news, 🙂

Always look on the bright side of life,

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