I blog like super rarely now… So I must tell myself to blog more.


My recent craze for Danny GOKEYYYYY!!!! 😀

Still think that he should have won. I love him a lot a lot and he will still be my number 1 ever though a lot of ppl keep saying that he capitalises on the fact about his dead wife.


Met up with Alynn and Carolyn (Saw this girl quite a lot of times thanks to choir) recently to realise that it’s been 1 yr plus since I left the sheltering walls of PL.

The longing feeling to be back in PL is long gone. Not to say that I don’t miss it anymore, it’s just different. Maybe cause my life is still filled with MJ and the friends in MJ now that I do not long to be back in PL. Just that I miss it once in a while, being in a pinafore and chilling with PL friends.

And now, as the year is coming to a close soon, I do realise that A levels is drawing near, but it is hard not to realise that this time with your MJ friends is coming to an end as well. Friends are for life though. But things will just seem different.

What’s more, you look at the new batch of J1s and you go (sian ji pua) cause time will not turn back anymore and you are now a j2. The angst that we had in sec 4 that is channelled to the rest of the levels are equally spread out to the 3 levels. We felt like we had the rights to be angry at them cause we are having Os. Now it’s worse don’t you think, cause now, there is only 1 group of ppl to be unhappy with and that is the J1s!!! Pardon our angst J1s, it’s a natural cycle.

I should not be procrastinating heh…

State of mind: Worried + sian

Always look on the bright side of life,


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  1. 1

    eileen said,

    xioa hui! i miss you alot!! and you should reply my sms or sms me once in a blue moon! 😦 😦 😦 😦

  2. 2

    Nessa said,

    Your writing style changed!! See you soon piece of cake 8D Take care and get well soon!!

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